Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday HS WOD 04082013

Super WINDY day today.  We are experiencing some strange weather here in So Cal.  Today was crazy windy and we hit the track for a workout.  Plus a few of our regulars were unable to make it so we had a nice "intimate" workout with only 4 of us. Good times for sure!

Warm Up Jog around the track
stretch and mobility
20 yards - high knees, butt kicks

5 x air squats
5 x push ups
5 x leg lifts

Coach noticed that EVERYONE was tight and not very it a case of the Mondays.  So we did extra warm up and mobility.

40 yards build up sprints
20 yards at jog
20 yards faster run
back and forth build to spring
3 rounds

50 yards back and forth

run + 10 x no push up burpees
run + 10 x sit to stands
5 rounds
*I did not complete the sit to stands here is what I did for the 5 rounds 6/5/6/8/6

AMRAP  - coach kept the time...around 10 or 15 minutes?
5 x bleachers sprint to the top

30 x push ups
7 x strict pull ups

*I completed 2 rounds

Stretch and mobility

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