Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Motivation - Who do YOU want to be in LIFE?

I saw this on one of the fitness blogs I read, Breaking Muscle.

Wanted to share....

Regardless of how you feel about his politics and his sexist male chauvinist ways towards women and all his scandals cannot take away his example of determination and believing in himself. I am still reading his autobiography and yes he is probably an ASSHOLE in real life.  Especially towards women...but dude is 100% self made.  If you watch any of his interviews or read his age 17 he said to himself, I am going to be the best bodybuilder in the world.  And he did.  Dude that spoke no english, barely speaks it now...with a name you cannot spell or pronounce became one of the biggest box office superstars of the world...then became the Governor of CA...2xs!!! WHAT THE HELL?

Watch this video and check out the spliced up video from Arnold's PRIME...when he was unstoppable and was the best of the best.  THE GOAT.

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