Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Couple of FUN things to share

I swear getting things in the mail or delivered to you is so much fun.  It is really like Christmas to get a cool package from Amazon or whatever.  So this afternoon I got a couple of packages...I wanted to share shall we?


I have heard about this and wanted to try it.  I finally ordered some. I have not opened it yet, but I will and will do a review for you all.  Take a look at is essentially a kick ass peanut butter with a bunch of extra stuff in it.  I bought mine from a cool new discount site called VITACOST. They have some great pricing and pretty quick.  Check it out..they sell a bunch of things, all health and beauty and even personal stuff.  Def give them a looksey.

The second thing I got in today was new socks!  I picked up some cool performance TOE SOCKS!!!  These are Injinji socks.  I picked mine up from SocksAddict.

So I saw these in a workout video.  It was a instructional video on squats and how to fix your ankles etc and  they kid in the video had these socks on.  I wanted to do some research and read that being able to splay our your toes and being able to wiggle them during certain lifts will help.  That is all I needed to hear!

First impression as I had to try these on...they are obviously HARDER to put on then normal socks. I had to wiggle my fat feet and fat toes into each little socket.  But once they are on it is fine and VERY comfy. I have them on now as I am typing. These are thin, moisture wicking and no show for the cut. I will use these for my next boot camp and give a second review for sure.  One thing I did like is they have Left and Right designation for each sock.  Now I really cant lose these during a wash.

We shall impressions on both coming up!

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