Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chinese Food in America

This is a great TED talk from 2008. It features Jennifer 8 Lee as she speaks about the origins of some of the most ICONIC "Chinese food" anyone has known.  I read her book not too long ago called the Fortune Cookie Chronicles and it was a great read.  Def check it out if you are interested in some history and food and Asian/American culture. I read it in a couple sittings it was so interesting.  Here is her TED talk...she squeezes almost her whole book in about 15 mins...

I love this as I am often engaged into weird cultural food conversations...maybe not often but enough.  I get people that tell me they LOVE Panda Express or PF Changs and I have to just interject and say...well Panda sucks as it is not real at all and over priced and although PF Changs has some "real" "legit" dishes mixed in with the fake stuff it too is over priced.  This little video will explain and answer alot of those questions...I seriously HATE ORANGE CHICKEN aka General Tso's.  People all the time ASSUME it is CHINESE.  IT IS NOT! Grrrr!  Fortune cookies are NOT Chinese!  They are actually Japanese created!

There is a time and place for all foods. I actually enjoy Americanized cheap Chinese take out once in a while. My mom and I will go to this place in So Pas where I live for their MuShu pork and "3 delicacy" noodles.  I dont mind the fake stuff once in a while...I just hate it when people dont know and assume all Chinese food is the same and it is not.  So eat up and enjoy everyone...just know what and where you are eating!

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