Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest post on RONTHINK

Well look at me....


My buddy asked me to write a little post on fitness inspiration...who me?  Well, I tried to give me best "advice" on things that have worked get me off my butt.  Yeah, my nutrition sucks..and I may not be the strongest, fastest or most coordinated but I try to go and do the best I can.  Sometimes I surprise myself and  other times it is a pure fail...like not finishing workouts.

In the end...the whole point of the post is if I can get off my lazy butt and DO SOMETHING...so can you and others.

Just another Fat Boy's story.....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday WOD 04292013 - High School Track Days

Went to the local high school for the usual Monday Romp!

Heel and Achilles are still tender and inflamed a bit...but I gave it my best!

Jog around the track 600 meters


High knee skips/deep lunge stretches/walk out push ups w various lengths.

200 meter run
50 x sit ups
50 x supermans
50 x jump rope style jumps *rest of group did squat jumps for speed
3 x of the above

8 Minute Time Cap
3 x "gasser" suicide runs - 25 yards/50 yards/100 yards
50 x hand release push ups
100 x walking lunges * unable to finish in time alotted   - BOOO!!!

Stretch and Mobility

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday 04272013 WOD

Been a tough week. My arthritis kicked in last Saturday night.  If you know me or read my blog you know I have foot issues..bad feet in general.  I get Achilles Tendinitis. I have flat feet, I have acute arthritis in both feet and heel spurs on both feet.  So yeah pretty much bad feet.  I get flare ups every once in a while. When I am "healthy" and "stress free" I seem to go pretty long stretches with no flare ups.  Then BOOM..something  just clicks and I get different levels of pain.  From a simple tingle to I literally cannot walk and need to crawl to the bathroom and cannot stand. This was one of those...it was that bad. I was unable to walk Monday night and all day Tuesday I stayed in.  Ugh...bad bad bad.

A week later...today, I am OK to walk and attempt a mild workout since I have done NOTHING all week.

Here is what we did:

Warm Up -short walk around the park

Stretch and Mobility

this was the Warm Up as RXed...
Run 50 ft
10 x squats
run 50 ft
10 x squats
run 100 ft back

Repeat w 10 x push ups
Repeat w 10 x sit ups

* I skipped the runs and just did the movements

3 rounds of the below\

10 x burpees
20 x kettle bell swings
10 x single arm presses
20 x kettle bell swings
10 x single arm presses
10 x goblet squats

* I used a 53lb KB, and did 90% of the above....

100 x sit ups
*I broke it down between full sit ups and crunches

Stretch DONE!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday AM WOD - 04202013

Beautiful day in gorgeous LA!  Reppin' South Pasadena!

Here is what we did...


Partner WOD
#1 - Run short lap
#2 - perform 10 x walking lunges + 10 x sit ups (complete up to 3 rounds as you wait for your partner)
3 rounds of the above

50 ft yard sprint back and forth
12 x lateral jump burpees

50 ft yard sprint back and forth
30 x jump squats
3 rounds of the above



Friday, April 19, 2013

Tire Flipping Fun WOD - 04192013

Friday WOD at PSC HQ.

I was able to make this one thankfully...it was a good time. A very difficult WOD as we did different things than usual and it was a very different fatigue.  One I have not felt in a while.  Good times for sure.

Long run around the block
Stretch and mobilty

2 min drills w a partner (1 min each of work) = 2 rounds

  • Sled Push approx 200meters w 90lbs back and forth
  • Airdyne cycle sprints
  • Wall balls - 1st w 14lb  and 2nd w 20lb ball
  • Toes to Rings - I was able to bang out a few un broken. Lost count..I know I was able to get like 4-5 first time and the second I was able to get 3 and. I was doing singles and halfs after.
  • Tire Flip - my partner and I did 4x flips, switch and 2x flips to finish the 2 minutes.
Check out my cool tire flip....

good workout...now rest for tomorrow's boot camp.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Lifting 04182013 Crappy Day

Crappy day...yup.

Today was just one of those days that you thought was going to be normal...get in get a good workout and head home to eat and be well.  Sometimes it is a great day and you surprised yourself and are super inspired because you did so well...today was NOT one of those days.

I came in today and we worked a few different lifts and repetition was part of the mix.  Doing the same movement over and over until it becomes muscle memory.  Here is the WOD.

2k Row at 2:30 pace = finished around 10:04
Stretch/mobility concentrating on overhead, hip flexors, calves, hamstrings and my favorite, rack mobility.

A. Build to heavy 1 power snatch
Loads = 65lbs, 95lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs *looked sloppy...so I had to do it a total of 4x before moving on.
135lbs....TRY and FAILED....4xs.  It was bad...I could not get the bar to move so I can get underneath it. I have gorilla pulled and snatch 135 before, my PR was I think 145? But today as I was focusing on getting the movement right and technique, I could not get 135lbs up...really bad.

The one good thing that I did notice at the lighter weights...I think I am getting the technique down much better. I can feel what a lot of lifters and coaches say that when done right the weight is "weightless" the bar just "floats" overhead. That statement kind of doesnt make sense but when you do the movement correctly it really just floats. At least I felt it today through 115lbs.

B. Drop down to 60% of the weight from A and complete: 1 power snatch + 2 overhead squats
EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute for 10 mins.
I used 75lbs for this set.

C. Deadlift = 2/2/2/2 x 4
Rest 20 seconds between each 2 lift and rest 2 minutes between each set of 8.
Loads - 135lbs/185lbs/225lbs/255lbs

I will say the grip and axle bar work did what it was supposed to. I got to 255 for my final set and my grip felt good and strong. Usually by the time I get to 275 the fingers and hands begin to feel weak.  I think the next time I do deadlifts for max effort I should be alot stronger with the grip part of it.

Here is where it all goes down the drain...Final little part..

5 rounds for time
5 x 135lbs push jerk

10 x bar facing burpees

I only completed 3 and could not even get 1 rep up to start my 4th round.  I was out of gas, I could not even get the bar off the floor.  It was bad. The bar facing burpees killed me.  A bar facing burpee is when you do a burpees in front of a bar and jump over it every rep.  So instead of just jumping up like a normal burpee, you have to jump over a bar in front of you.  Killer. I was done.

not a great day...even though I feel like I got into an accident with a garbage truck. I can feel the soreness from all over starting to sink in. I better take a cold shower and hope the soreness doesnt kick in too much.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Couple of FUN things to share

I swear getting things in the mail or delivered to you is so much fun.  It is really like Christmas to get a cool package from Amazon or whatever.  So this afternoon I got a couple of packages...I wanted to share shall we?


I have heard about this and wanted to try it.  I finally ordered some. I have not opened it yet, but I will and will do a review for you all.  Take a look at it....it is essentially a kick ass peanut butter with a bunch of extra stuff in it.  I bought mine from a cool new discount site called VITACOST. They have some great pricing and pretty quick.  Check it out..they sell a bunch of things, all health and beauty and even personal stuff.  Def give them a looksey.

The second thing I got in today was new socks!  I picked up some cool performance TOE SOCKS!!!  These are Injinji socks.  I picked mine up from SocksAddict.

So I saw these in a workout video.  It was a instructional video on squats and how to fix your ankles etc and  they kid in the video had these socks on.  I wanted to do some research and read that being able to splay our your toes and being able to wiggle them during certain lifts will help.  That is all I needed to hear!

First impression as I had to try these on...they are obviously HARDER to put on then normal socks. I had to wiggle my fat feet and fat toes into each little socket.  But once they are on it is fine and VERY comfy. I have them on now as I am typing. These are thin, moisture wicking and no show for the cut. I will use these for my next boot camp and give a second review for sure.  One thing I did like is they have Left and Right designation for each sock.  Now I really cant lose these during a wash.

We shall see...my impressions on both coming up!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chinese Food in America

This is a great TED talk from 2008. It features Jennifer 8 Lee as she speaks about the origins of some of the most ICONIC "Chinese food" anyone has known.  I read her book not too long ago called the Fortune Cookie Chronicles and it was a great read.  Def check it out if you are interested in some history and food and Asian/American culture. I read it in a couple sittings it was so interesting.  Here is her TED talk...she squeezes almost her whole book in about 15 mins...

I love this as I am often engaged into weird cultural food conversations...maybe not often but enough.  I get people that tell me they LOVE Panda Express or PF Changs and I have to just interject and say...well Panda sucks as it is not real at all and over priced and although PF Changs has some "real" "legit" dishes mixed in with the fake stuff it too is over priced.  This little video will explain and answer alot of those questions...I seriously HATE ORANGE CHICKEN aka General Tso's.  People all the time ASSUME it is CHINESE.  IT IS NOT! Grrrr!  Fortune cookies are NOT Chinese!  They are actually Japanese created!

There is a time and place for all foods. I actually enjoy Americanized cheap Chinese take out once in a while. My mom and I will go to this place in So Pas where I live for their MuShu pork and "3 delicacy" noodles.  I dont mind the fake stuff once in a while...I just hate it when people dont know and assume all Chinese food is the same and it is not.  So eat up and enjoy everyone...just know what and where you are eating!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday 04152013 WOD

Usual high school WOD.  Went in and it was crowded so we moved to a grass field near the entrance.

Here is the workout..

Run 2x around field
Stretch and Mobilty

50ft back and forth (100 yard total)
jog + jog
sprint + sprint
30 x walking lunges
30 x no push up burpee w a jump *1st round
20 x no push up burpee w a jump rest of workout.
3 full rounds complete

10 x 4 count step down + step up
5 x squat jumps up stairs
30 x crunches
2 rounds completed

Stretch and mobility


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday WOD part 2 - 04132013

Came in to do my second workout of the day.  Lifting session again working on TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!!!

It was a tough one...sheeesh, my hands, fingers, wrists are all sore...some shoulders too.  Here is what went down this afternoon.

2K Row
This is meant to be an aerobic warm up so slow and steady pace.  I kept going to fast and was told a couple time to slow it down and keep the assigned pace. @230 which is a sub 10 min 2k very easy.

10 x wall ball @14lbs x 3

10 x kettlebell swings =  53lbs/70lbs/88lbs

Front Rack Mobility - this is PAINFUL...I am so NOT flexible in the front rack. It really feels like I am breaking my own arm or wrists...but gotta keep on it.

I basically CANNOT do this... =(  Waaahh..

bunch of youtube videos to help...

A. Front Squat 2 x 5 (rest as needed up to 2 mins)

*also used the women's bar @ 35lbs
This was bad..like really bad. I couldn't get in the correct position...I definitely need to keep practicing this...ALOT.
85lbs - bad...I had to 2 singles with this weight.
65lbs had to drop back down to 65lbs to finish the set.

again, obviously the weight is not the issue here..it is my form and technique of which I do not have.  So forcing my wrist and elbows and fingers into that front rack...was KILLING ME!!!

B. Power Clean + Push Jerk = 1 x 7

*switched back to the olympic bar @ 45lbs

Work on my singles all the way up...
155lbs - FAIL first try, Got is in the second..but I am sure it was UGLY.
165lbs  - YAY! Possibly a PR?
175lbs - FAIL...could not clean this...tried 2xs FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!

I had to add these video..check out the GIRL lifters over at Catalyst...I am humbled and my manhood has been crushed...they are doing the exact same movement I am...look at the form and the weight they are lifting.  I suck...

C. 12 Minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute)
Odds - max pull ups


Evens - 5 x GHD Raises


Saturday AM WOD - 04132013

Being GREEN and getting all warmed up this morning for bootcamp!

I actually rode my 24" BMX Cruiser to class this morning!  Now I understand it is not that far..less than 3 miles, maybe less than 2?  Took me 20 mins with traffic and various stops along the way. Not too shabby. I may make this more of a regular thing...it felt good and definitely warms up the legs and lungs for the workout ahead.

Warm Up
Jog around the park
Stretch and mobility

This morning was a pretty simple WOD.  Coach wanted some aerobic work so we just had a bunch of things to do AMRAP...

Long Run

30 x Mountain Climbers (60 total)

30 x single leg squats (15 x each leg - we can use "pistol style" or elevated leg behind)

30 x jump ups

100 x flutter kicks

I was able to get through 3 rounds minus the flutter kicks.

stretch and DONE!!!

Pretty simple right?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Motivation - Who do YOU want to be in LIFE?

I saw this on one of the fitness blogs I read, Breaking Muscle.

Wanted to share....

Regardless of how you feel about his politics and his sexist male chauvinist ways towards women and all his scandals lately....you cannot take away his example of determination and believing in himself. I am still reading his autobiography and yes he is probably an ASSHOLE in real life.  Especially towards women...but dude is 100% self made.  If you watch any of his interviews or read his book...at age 17 he said to himself, I am going to be the best bodybuilder in the world.  And he did.  Dude that spoke no english, barely speaks it now...with a name you cannot spell or pronounce became one of the biggest box office superstars of the world...then became the Governor of CA...2xs!!! WHAT THE HELL?

Watch this video and check out the spliced up video from Arnold's PRIME...when he was unstoppable and was the best of the best.  THE GOAT.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Squat Snatch Practice - 04102013

Went in today to do some technique and technique only.  Today I worked on the infamous (cue dread music..dum dum dum)

Definitely one of the hardest moves, not only to learn but to teach as well.  This is a pretty advanced move and if any of you reading this think you can walk into globo gym and just start, dont do it. You will probably get hurt. I am lucky that I can actually practice this in a controlled space where I can drop the weight if needed and have someone there to coach me, watch me and make sure I dont hurt myself.

There are tons of videos on how to do this..I just picked a couple, do your own research if you want to learn more!

Actually watch this one....this from the Olympic Lifting Coach for the USA!!!

Here is what I did:

Warm Up
Row 1K
Jump Rope 10 mins - singles and double under practice

*I used the 35lb women's bar for today, coach was using the oly bar for this workout

35lbs bar only - singles
making sure I am extending as best I can and getting as low as I can

55 lbs x 5
65lbs x 10

1 snatch/clean extension to hang position to squat snatch =  1 rep
85 lbs x 5

Note that all the above are done as singles.  Focusing on form and technique. No need to go for a PR when you cannot even do it correctly right?  So I kept the weight real light and practiced practiced practiced!!!

My peeps...

Capri Sun and my homie!

Check out this cool Capri Sun spot that features my big homie Reno aka Count Black Pearl as the Hawaiian king.  Congrats Reno!  Hope to see you in more stuff!

If any of you are interested in learning pro wrestling or just an afternoon of fun and a good workout check out Reno's spot...


Functional Fitness?

Going through my morning internet reads and I came across this article on BREAKING MUSCLE one of the fitness blogs I like to read.  A great site to bookmark or follow as they have some good articles from time to time and just a good general source of information.  I may not agree on some of their articles but overall it is a good read.

So the author writes about a pretty popular term in the last few years. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.  I am guilty of using this term myself A LOT. When people have asked me "oh you lost some weight", "how are you doing it?" "Are you in the gym?" "Are you trying to lost more weight?"  My answer is/was the same, "I am trying to attain functional fitness and general health"  What does that even mean?  Losing weight is a by product of being more "functional."

I am lucky to be working with a pretty well rounded coach. One that actually "knows" me. It has taken some time but over the last 3 going on 4 years this guy can predict what I can do and what I cannot do and although we butt heads ALOT I know he has my best interest and knows what goals are good for me and how to attain them.  Our disagree on how FAST I need to attain these goals but once in a long while somethings click and I actually do somethings right and even surprise him!  Of course this changes over time, it adjusts and changes.  But that is the best part. I get to do many different things along the lines of this article.

I am by no means an "athlete" in any sense of the word. I am probably not even "healthy."  But...if you take the ME from 2010 and prior and compare to me now?  DIFFERENT PERSON. I am an OLD man..all my friends that read this know just how old.  I swear I am in BETTER SHAPE now at this age then I was at 21. I am in better shape now than 2 years ago. I am stronger, faster and smarter than before.  So this article spoke to me. In the last 3 years of working out and being strategic on what my training is I can say 100% I am more FUNCTIONAL.

Simple tasks..people take for granted. I will just bullet a few for you...

  • carrying bags around an airport or traveling. I have traveled to Asia solo and with my family. I just recently came back from a week long trip to Mexico with my girlfriend.  Anyone that has traveled knows...it sucks to carry and lug around your bags. Not me...all good all day.
    • Mexico trip...I visited the ancient city of PALENQUE where I climbed the pyramids. 100 rocky slippery steps. BOOM...done easy. Carrying my DSLR camera.
  • Groceries. How many people get 3-4 bags of groceries and need 2 trips to bring it in? Not me.
  • Kayak (a river in Hawaii and the Ocean in Santa Barbara - I have done it twice...easy peasy.
  • Hiking - I have bad feet..I really do.  But there was a time 100ft walk would have me out of breath.
  • Moving heavy things - ever move yourself? Help a friend move? Yeah next to having a truck/u-haul its good to be able to lift things.
    • I have told this story many times. I have a neighbor, this happened maybe 1-2 years ago. I just came back from a workout. We see each other in the garage. He and his wife just came back from Home Depot or Lowes not sure. They just bought a new toilet. Still in box. It was in the trunk of their car and they could not get it out. So being the nice guy I walk over offer my help. Hubby and I take the toilet out. I was ready to leave and figured they need more help. So I say do you need me to help you? Hubby and I each take a side and proceed to move this toilet across the garage to the stairs to our condos. 20 ft.  He had to rest, he had to put it down. We got up 3 stairs and he had to rest again. At this point, I was like "umm...just let me grab it." Not to show off or be a jerk, but it was just easier to take this to his door then doing it this way.  The box said 70lbs. 2 person diagram and where to hold the box. I just picked it up and took it to his door. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS!
  • I can carry rice.  All my Asian peeps know...a big 25lb bag of rice can be hard. I can easily carry 2, one on each shoulder and take it wherever. Special bonus for 5 gallon jugs of water.

Now I am not writing this to show off or say how great I am.  Again, I am the WEAKEST/SLOWEST in my little workout community.  But in the big picture...I am very proud of myself and know that my training does pay off in REAL LIFE situations.  Can I run a mile in under 10 mins? Probably not. Can I snatch 225lbs YET?  No...but if you someone to pick up a bag of rice or sand or a toilet for you at least I know I can!

The article is below...check it out!  


Functional fitness is one of the biggest phrases right now in the fitness industry. It is defined differently by kettlebell users, CrossFit coaches, FMS trainers, and many other fitness professionals. I believe functional fitness comes down to two specific concepts, adaptability and putting your fitness into practice in a real application. It’s great to be gym fit, to be able to perform pull-ups, endless sit-ups, and deadlift 400 pounds. But what can you actually do with this fitness? Are you able to pick up a couch, run to catch a bus, climb on top of something, explore nature, or compete in a trail race? Better yet, can you drag a 100lb deer out of the wood for two miles over varied terrain?

functional fitness, movnat, jeff kuhland, outdoor fitness, learning new skillsIt is easy to become comfortable in the indoor setting where it is predictable and safe. Every time you arrive at the gym your front desk staff will be the same, the bench will be in the same spot, and you know of what you are capable. Even if you train hard it tends to fall into a rut and doesn’t often push the envelope. When is the last time you were nervous before a workout, not sure if you were going to be able to complete it, or experienced the fear of learning a new skill? Learning is a skill itself. The more you learn physically or mentally the better you become at the act of learning. So, your next learning challenge is to take your fitness and apply it in some practical sense.

Transferability of fitness from the gym to the real world isn’t as easy as we would like to think. Pull-ups will strengthen your back, lats, and biceps. However, the strength doesn’t translate directly to climbing on top of a tree branch, doing a muscle up, or climbing rocks. The real world doesn’t occur in a single plane of motion. Rather, it is dynamic and ever changing. Picking up children, groceries, or furniture isn’t as easy as a barbell deadlift. Awkward angles can occur, the ground can be uneven, and you can’t always maintain straight arms and the perfect lumbar curve while lifting. Can you pick up an eighty-pound sand bag or fifty-pound bag of dog food that is going to shift weight and keep from injuring your back? Life constantly presents us with situations that can require technically improper form or, at minimum, slight compromises.

functional fitness, movnat, jeff kuhland, outdoor fitness, learning new skillsIf you never train for the unexpected or the plethora of different situations that arise can you truly be prepared for life? In CrossFit almost all of the exercises occur in a single plane of motion. CrossFit trains people to be prepared for anything in life, yet the training variety can be quite restricted for your average box member. I believe that CrossFit is a truly valuable system, especially since I manage and operate a box, Jamerson YMCA CrossFit. It is one of the most well rounded systems in place, yet still we lack interaction with nature, uneven terrain, and varied situations. When we jump in a gym it is primarily onto a box. How about jumping to a target or over a potential hazard like a creek?

Your challenge this week is to get outside of your comfort zone and transfer your fitness. Your comfort zone is dynamic, and if you never push the limits it slowly shrinks. So if you are a runner, try getting out and lifting. Start with some lifts in the gym, get some core strength and stability, and then apply it to picking up a rock, the couch, or something different. If you normally just lift, get out on the trails and go for a hike or a short run. Is all of your strength helping you?

functional fitness, movnat, jeff kuhland, outdoor fitness, learning new skillsFind different situations where you can expand your limits and see if your fitness truly crosses over. Try out a local rock climbing gym, rent a kayak and go on a paddling trip, or see how far you can hike in a day. Pushing your mental limitations is just as important as your physical limitations.Something like learning a backflip into the water can challenge your coordination and mental fortitude while also being very rewarding. Success is contagious and once you begin to explore new skills and limitations you may want to set new goals.

Set a goal to achieve a challenge off this list:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday HS WOD 04082013

Super WINDY day today.  We are experiencing some strange weather here in So Cal.  Today was crazy windy and we hit the track for a workout.  Plus a few of our regulars were unable to make it so we had a nice "intimate" workout with only 4 of us. Good times for sure!

Warm Up Jog around the track
stretch and mobility
20 yards - high knees, butt kicks

5 x air squats
5 x push ups
5 x leg lifts

Coach noticed that EVERYONE was tight and not very mobile...call it a case of the Mondays.  So we did extra warm up and mobility.

40 yards build up sprints
20 yards at jog
20 yards faster run
back and forth build to spring
3 rounds

50 yards back and forth

run + 10 x no push up burpees
run + 10 x sit to stands
5 rounds
*I did not complete the sit to stands here is what I did for the 5 rounds 6/5/6/8/6

AMRAP  - coach kept the time...around 10 or 15 minutes?
5 x bleachers sprint to the top

30 x push ups
7 x strict pull ups

*I completed 2 rounds

Stretch and mobility

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday 04062013 WOD

Another beautiful day in the park...

Warm up jog
Stretch and mobility

Burpee Pop ups *variation without the push and more hip activation kind of like a seal/cobra stretch wtih a bounce on the bottom.

4 sets to warm up

30 jump ups

20 x squat + walking lunges
20 x leg lifts
4 rounds

3 rounds w a partner
Partner 1 - plank
Partner 2 - 50 yard run with 20lb med ball, 15 x wall balls, 50 yard dash back with ball


Stretch and Mobility


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pushing The Belly - Squat PR 04042013

Went in for a quick lift session before the weekend bootcamps and needed to SQUAT.  I brought my belt and I am glad I did. I squat much better with a belt...and with the proper technique on how to breath and bring in a deep breath of air and PUSH MY BELLY into that belt...my technique was so much more proper and depth was good too!  Here is the WOD.

Row 1000m

Stretch and Mobility

Jump Rope

Singles and Double Under practice
*had my newly replaced rope that I adjusted the length just a hair shorter so I can get faster jumps. Seemed to work out well.  Singles were on point.  Double not so great, was able to string like 2 and that is about it.

Kettle Bell Swings

15 x 2 @ 53lbs
10 x 3 @70lbs


135lbs x 10
135lbs x 5
165lbs x 5
175lbs x 5
195lbs x 5
225lbs x 5 - new PR
*Now bare in mind this is pretty light and lots of people can squat this. My heaviest has been like 245-275 for a single..but as I have said in previous posts, this is all technique and squatting CORRECTLY with hips out, chest up and to depth, driving with heels.  If I was all sloppy I could of easily done more weight.  But we are really practicing proper form.

Over Head - EMOM Every Minute On The Minute = 4 minutes
10/8/6/4 @ 135lbs
I can press it over my head any way I want. Push Press, Push Jerk, Strict press whatever, as long as I lock it out on top.
FAIL - 4 min is up and I was missing 10 reps.  I only completed the first 18 reps.  I broke down, it got heavy real quick and I was unable to press that weight.  =(  WOMP.

Cool Down Row
*I raised the resistance to 7 and see how I did and feel .  Not bad...


Monday, April 1, 2013

Run Fat Boy Run - 04012013 WOD

Great workout today at the ol local high school track.  Let's get into it...

Warm up jog 1x around the track
Stretching and mobility

15 yards
- high knees
- butt kicks
- 2ft jumps
- walking lunges
- inch worm

1 mile run (4 x around the track)
* this was a run for everyone to push it and try to get the best time.  My instructions were VERY specific. I HAD TO KEEP MOVING. NO WALKING.  Coach was not concerned with time...he just wanted me to jog the whole way.

I did it...I ran a sub 12 minute mile.  I know slow...but for someone like me that does not run, I am kinda happy with the time.

After the run....

60 x burpees

*key here was to pick a pace and stick to it.  So if you wanted to do 3 x 20 or 6 x 10 whatever...you need to stick to it. This is more a pacing exercise and learning to control your breathing and knowing your pace.

football field = walking lunges  BACK & FORTH

50 x sit ups
*same as burpees, no time, just pick a pace and stick with it

Stretch and mobility concentrate on quads, hips and hamstrings