Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday 03022013 WOD and Some Learnings

So Sarturday's boot camp was whoo, words cannot describe fact I cannot even blog about it, it was so bad...sheesh!

It was a doozy!

After class, I went over to Crossfit Pasadena where they are hosting monthly clinic/seminars on different aspects of lifting and movements etc.  Yesterday was the CLEAN AND JERK.  This was led by head coach and owner Johnny.  It was a great class and I now have TONS more homework to do.  Lots to practice.

Coach wanted me to go to hear it from another source..the I TOLD YOU SO NEVER STOPS...but it is a good learning example when you have outside people teaching and showing you different methods and ways to attack the problem. I did not learn anything new about myself or my flaws or mistakes, but I did learn new way to approach my problems and work on them. So now I have a bunch of stretches and pre workout steps before even doing the movement.

Overall a great afternoon with lots of good knowledge.  I was pleased. It was a 1.5 workout yesterday....but today...I have to do GRACE again. (30 x clean and jerks @ 135lbs for time)  let's see how that goes.  Rght now I have to finish my laundry and cleaning my apartment!

more to come!!!

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