Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Grace" and Mental Blocks w key learnings 03032013

OK...so last year on April Fools 2012...you can read it here if you care to. I did a "foundation" Crossfit WOD called "GRACE."

Grace is 30 x clean and jerk @ 135lbs.  Many bad asses around the world do it in 3 mins or faster.  Last year I tried it then and did it in 6:52.

Here is video from this weekend...3/3/2013.  I did OK...not awesome or great...but better.  Feel free to fast forward or just watch the first couple minutes..it gets boring of my getting yelled at to PICK UP THE BAR!!!

  5:52 as RXed

So yes I beat my time by a minute. (less 1 sec)

The key learning here from coach and the friends I train with seem to agree is the importance of the MENTAL game.  As you can see at the end of this video...apparently it is NOT my body that is quitting..it is all in my head.

This is all true, I am not arguing or denying the importance of the mental game. I just needed to rest and stop...I felt like I was going to fail.  This opened up a larger conversation on the mental blocks we put on ourselves.  Workout or not how do we push past what our minds tell us.  Coach wanted me to watch this video over a few times.  I have been busy these last couple days and have not been able to really watch it...but I have reviewed it about 3x and I can see it. Towards the end, I am dropping the bar more violently and I remember thinking I cannot do this, I almost quit midway...but I pushed past that thought and kept going.  That was my first mental hurdle.  But I can see that yes towards the end, I was strong enough to lift the weight with control and I was not endangering myself at all. I had full control of the barbell from floor to shoulders to overhead.  But it was the fatigue that was setting in and giving me pain that my brain wanted me to stop. IT WANTED ME TO STOP!  Self preservation in full effect. My brain is saying DUDE!  CHILL OUT!  It is a hard lesson and something I know I personally have to work on to push past mental failure.  I will be watching this a few more times and will update this blog post as I have more time to discuss what I felt and what I am feeling.

Be patient as I gather my thoughts moving along...ugh.

I am happy, not super happy, just happy that I was faster.  Just sucks that I could of been even just a couple seconds faster if I kept going.  More to come my loyal readers...more to come!

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