Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back from vacation WOD - Saturday 03232013

2 weeks off...yup. I went on vacation last week and this week I just needed time for myself. (I will probably share the reason on another post so hang tight on that)

So today was the first day back.  Headed to the park for a morning beat is what we did.

Warm up Run

10 x each leg step up with pause at top
*really drive the weight on the heel as you step up, open hips and pause at the top

15 x scapula push up
3 rounds of the above

Run the short lap

30 x KB swings @ 20kg
20 x Burpees

10 x each leg of split lunges with pause at bottom

3 rounds of the above
*last 30 KBS I went over head.  25 unbroken + 5

cool down jog


great little bump to the heart and begin training on the regular again.

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