Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday 02262013 WOD

Last night's workout was good...I ran out of time is the workout as Rxed"

Deadlift  4 x EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 12 minutes @ 50% of 1 rep max

B1. Strict Press 8,4,8,4 rest 1 min
B2. Pull ups 10 x 4, rest 90 sec

C. Back Squat + good morning
1.1 x 10 x 3, rest 2 min

5 rounds
5 x 6 count burpee
10 x jack knife sit up

Here is what I ended up doing:

A. as Rxed
I used 165lbs approximately 50% of my 1 rep max deadlift. I am thinking my max would be 320 or so...this was a great workout...I enjoyed the 4 x EMOM. Just enough rest.

B. as RXed here are the loads
8 x 135lbs
10 x pulls ups - 3/3/4
4 x 155lbs
10 x pull ups - 3/3/2/2
8 x 145lbs
10 x pull ups - 3/2/4/1 *I was ugly.
4 x 165lbs
10 x pull ups - 2/2/2/2/1/1 *it was ugly towards the be very honest it was barely a pull up the last 2.

C. NA - I ran out of time. I could not do was already 7PM and I needed to do the cool down with my co workers.

Last night a couple co workers agreed to do the 5 rounds cool down with felt good to somewhat "lead' and be the one that is NOT last and NOT our of sync.  It was cool.

I made them do the cool down as RXed and they loved it. They were huffing and puffing and was dying at the end.  Good stuff.

Next workout is Thursday...we shall see what Coach has me doing.

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