Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday WOD - 02282013 "DU Fail"

I am calling this post the "Double Under Fail" as I truly suck. In case my readers dont know a "Double Under" is a jump rope movement.  Basically it is jumping and swinging the rope underneath 2xs, that is why it is called a Double Under.

I was never good...and to be honest I hardly practiced. But I got to a point where I could string maybe 2-3 together before tripping. I even got like 5 once. Anyways...tonight it was part of my WOD and I just had to do 10 for 3 30 total. I couldnt do was sad and frustrating. I simply stopped practicing and I lost what little I had or didnt have...pretty bad.  Read it below...


A. Power Snatch + 2 Over Head Squats x 7  (resting for 1 min)
45lb bar x 2 to warm up

135lbs x 2 (the second one was ugly...bad)

B1 and B2
Incline Bench Press for 15
Dumbbell Step up x 12 alternating legs
3 rounds of the above

95lbs x 45lb DB
135lbs x 45lb DB
155lbs x 45lb DB

C1 and C2 - this is where it all comes crashing down...
as RXed was this:
12 x Negative Pull Ups
10 x Double Unders
3 rounds...

here is what I ended up doing..
12 x no prob
second 12...UGLY. I could not even jump up anymore and hold myself. If I am to be very honest on this blog..I would say I did half...6. The other 6 were just horrible attempts of jumping up at a bar and letting gravity do its thing.

Worst yet...the Double Unders....I took my 20 mins to complete 6.  Really.  Very disappointing...I really have to practice. I will practice moving forward.  I need to at least get to where I was...I will jump rope at least 2xs a week when I go the the gym. I have to.  It was horrible.

I finished with a quick little HIIT circuit with my co worker...

20 x jumping jacks
16 x lunges alternating legs (8 each)
10 x mountain climbers (20 total - 10 each leg)
5 x burpees
3 rounds with 1 min rest in between

Nice ending to the night...*also for coach and anyone else reading this I know the 1 min rest is alot, but I was doing this with my co worker and rather then leave him completely behind, I did the exercise with him, counting along and making sure he was doing the movements correctly.  That is my reason for the 1 min rest between each round.

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