Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday 02242013 WOD

Happy Sunday dear readers...

After a great showing at yesterday's NLI competition, Coach was beat up, so he did a recovery workout and took his post yelling at yours truly.

I call this the "I wont be able to poop for a few days" workout...

Run - 2x around the block
Row for 10 min - 2056M - just a nice steady pace, this is to work on technique and keep moving

stretch and mobilty


3 x Box Squats with 10 x Russian Swings using a 70lb KB in between each set.  Similar to last week, where I do 3 reps of box squats then 10 swings, 3 reps of box squats then 10 swings etc.  Here are the loads

95lbs x 3 for warm up
53lb KB x 10 for warm up

135lbs x 3
10 x swings
165lbs x 3
10 x swings
185lbs x 3 - now here is the switch up. I was not doing these "correctly" so Coach had me repeat this weight for a total of 4 sets.  Continuing the swings in between each one.

this is me one day...LOL!

basically why am I not going up in weight if I cannot do this weight correct. This was not a max effort day or a PR day at all.  This was technique and form and doing it right.  So I stayed at this weight for the rest of the workout.

100 x ab mat sit ups as Rx
100 x push ups
* I could only get 45 sit ups done before my belly started cramping up. I could not finish. FAIL.
Push ups were done as Rx except for a few ugly ones...but I got it done.

500m Row to cool down.  Same as the warm up.  Working on moving and cooling down the legs and my technique.

light stretching...done and done.

After this headed to Trader Joes for some groceries, that place is a madhouse I swear...but I got goodies for the week and keeping the protein handy for my mornings.

After those box squats...I wont be pooping comfortably for a bit...ugh.

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