Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 02162013 WOD

This week I have pain in my foot. I have heel spurs in both feet and this week my right foot is giving me issues.  Just pain where the bottom of my heel is.  Makes my gimpy and harder to walk and very hard to run.

So coach adjusted the workout for is what we did:

warm up run/walk for me

35 min AMRAP - cardio..just keep moving!
Run *I did a modified limp run, practicing leaning forward on my toes run/walk
back and forth 25ft. 2 xs.

20 x push ups
30 x sit ups
10 x each leg step ups
10 x each of one legged squats (sit or lunge position ok)

Stretch and done!

Not a bad day def an easier one than usual which was good, it was a gorgeous morning and peeps were getting antsy about working out.  We got through it.

Hoping to get in a lifting session this afternoon...waiting now!  Will blog once it happens!

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