Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 02162013 Lifting

Happy I was able to sneak in and get a good lifting session in this afternoon.  Now that I free from the chains of LA FITNESS, I can stay in my spoiled little bubble where I have a rack and weights and a coach yelling at me all to myself.  Ahh...heavenly bliss. we go.  So as my previous post stated my right foot/heel is still hurting. I am know I cannot put too much on my heel so I opted to go over head.  Do all the over head stuff and work those shoulders.  Here is what I did...

Row 1K = 4:05
95lbs x 10 strict press
95lbs x 5 strict press, 3 x push press, 3 x push jerk = 2 sets

5/3/1 x Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
with 10 x GHD sit ups in between clarify here is an example, let's say I start off at 100 lbs.

100lbs x 5 - push press
10 ghd sit ups
120lbs x 3 push press
10 ghd sit ups
140lbs x 1 push press
10 ghd sit ups

these suck...dreaded GHD Situps..mine DO NOT look like on that.

I would do the above for all 3 movements with increasing weight.  Cool?  Understand?  Ok here are the loads:


5 x 135lbs
3 x 155lbs
1 x 175lbs


5 x 145lbs
3 x 175lbs
1 x 195lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


5 x 165lbs - FAIL...repeat only got 3
3 x 175lbs - FAIL, then FAIL...then FAIL...and coach said STOP.

I was not dipping and using my hips. I blame my foot, I was afraid to really JUMP the weight and land on my heel. I was over compensating on my left foot all day and as soon as I felt that weight in the front rack and tried to dip and drive and dip, I was scared of landing on my heel and dumping.  I will try this again when 100% healthy and REALLY TRY TO GET 200lbs over my head.  One of my goals was to get my body weight over head...which for all intensive purposes would be 225lbs.  If I can press and hold 225 over my head, it will be a glorious day!

So bittersweet...I got 195lbs over head and it FELT GOOD....but could not get my jerk going.  It was definitely a SKILL thing, I was just not doing the movement correctly.  Period.

Well onward...I am just happy I got to lift.  Oh yeah I had to finish off my 20 remaining sit ups.  So total sit ups were 90...and coach was being generous there as I was sloppy as hell and had to break it up first by 5s then was ugly. I know it was.

Happy 3 day weekend folks!

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