Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday 02042013 WOD

Asylum Gym workout tonight as is the break down.

Warm up run

2 rounds (as Rx was 4, but I had to go curl)
10 x no push up burpee
10 x hand release push up
10 x air squat

*I had to "prove" myself to coach tonight.  So back in the days I was able to curl 135lbs.  Yes maybe I did a slight cheat to get the bar moving, but I could do it.  He doubted me and made me do STRICT curls.  Before we did it, he said I wouldnt be able to curl 95lbs  CORRECTLY.  So in the middle of warm up we had to go to the rack and I had to curl.

95lbs DONE
115lbs DONE
135lbs - FAIL.

OK so I did not do the 135lbs strict..but I did get props for being stronger than he he is going to consider my reward of one week of no burpees! HA!  Anyway..back to the workout.

4 rounds with a running clock - each station 90 seconds
Body rows
10 each arm G2O (35lbs)
Plank to push ups

100 x forward lunges
100 x squat jumps
*do them anyway you want, broken up anyway you want

Stretching and mobility to end the session!

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