Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday 02082013 and Saturday 02092013 WODs

Yesterday after work I headed over to the gym located in my office building at work.  I went with a couple of co workers and they ran through an ARM Circuit.  Basically, it is bis, tris, then bis, tris, the bis then tris. This is set up over a few stations and we just rotated.

Now, I probably have not done a "proper arm curl" in months...not a year but maybe 6 mos or longer. I have pretty much removes all isolation type work out except for chest and the occasional back workout. 90% of the workouts I do now are "compound" workouts.  I do squats and deadlifts and various olympic movements.  I just dont do these bi and tri workouts anymore.

So after about 40 mins of 3 to 4 rotations, yes my arms felt a pump, but was it a workout? Most likely not.  My buddies even said, man you slacker, you are not even out of breath.  Well truth is I was not slacking I just did not feel challenged by the workout so I went through the motions and did what I did.  Next time I go I think I will skew off and do my own thing.

Saturday 02092013 Bootcamp
We had a crazy rain storm come through over night and then this morning just GORGEOUS was chilly for sure...but it was nice.  Here is what we did! Oh yeah today was BUDDY DAY!  A few if us brought friends so we have guests with us.  Good because of that, coach had a lot of partner workouts!

Warm up run

Suicide Runs
50ft - 75ft - 100ft
while partner sits in bottom of squat
3 x

100 push up (combined)
1 works, 1 hold a push up plank

Suicide Runs
50 ft to 100 ft
While partner sits in bottom of squat
2 x

20 squat jumps (as Rx was 10 x no push up burpee, I did not have to do them because it was my "reward" for curling 115lbs the week before.  Yay..some reward."
alternating, partner works while other rests
4 x

100ft Walking Lunges back and forth (essentially 200ft)


Good work out and proud of all the buddys that came out!

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