Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bucket List - SKYDIVING!!!

My girlfriend had a request last year, that for her birthday she wanted to go skydiving.  So we tried to go but our first trip got cancelled due to bad weather.  We had to reschedule to this weekend.  So yesterday...on 02/02/2013 we BOTH jumped out of a plane and took care of a bucket list item!


We went to Skydive Coastal California.  Great Yelp rating and rated as one of the best for first timers.


It was great.  We had to wait a long time as there were crowded runways and downed planes.  There was a large group of 6 that had to wait and wait and eventually just left.  Felt kinda bad for them...but hey we got to go so that was all my concern.

Here we are all suited and ready to rock!

Yes we are super super.


my best super hero pose during freefall....


Yeah I am awesome...

Now I have one less thing  on my bucket list!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!


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