Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday WOD - 02282013 "DU Fail"

I am calling this post the "Double Under Fail" as I truly suck. In case my readers dont know a "Double Under" is a jump rope movement.  Basically it is jumping and swinging the rope underneath 2xs, that is why it is called a Double Under.

I was never good...and to be honest I hardly practiced. But I got to a point where I could string maybe 2-3 together before tripping. I even got like 5 once. Anyways...tonight it was part of my WOD and I just had to do 10 for 3 30 total. I couldnt do was sad and frustrating. I simply stopped practicing and I lost what little I had or didnt have...pretty bad.  Read it below...


A. Power Snatch + 2 Over Head Squats x 7  (resting for 1 min)
45lb bar x 2 to warm up

135lbs x 2 (the second one was ugly...bad)

B1 and B2
Incline Bench Press for 15
Dumbbell Step up x 12 alternating legs
3 rounds of the above

95lbs x 45lb DB
135lbs x 45lb DB
155lbs x 45lb DB

C1 and C2 - this is where it all comes crashing down...
as RXed was this:
12 x Negative Pull Ups
10 x Double Unders
3 rounds...

here is what I ended up doing..
12 x no prob
second 12...UGLY. I could not even jump up anymore and hold myself. If I am to be very honest on this blog..I would say I did half...6. The other 6 were just horrible attempts of jumping up at a bar and letting gravity do its thing.

Worst yet...the Double Unders....I took my 20 mins to complete 6.  Really.  Very disappointing...I really have to practice. I will practice moving forward.  I need to at least get to where I was...I will jump rope at least 2xs a week when I go the the gym. I have to.  It was horrible.

I finished with a quick little HIIT circuit with my co worker...

20 x jumping jacks
16 x lunges alternating legs (8 each)
10 x mountain climbers (20 total - 10 each leg)
5 x burpees
3 rounds with 1 min rest in between

Nice ending to the night...*also for coach and anyone else reading this I know the 1 min rest is alot, but I was doing this with my co worker and rather then leave him completely behind, I did the exercise with him, counting along and making sure he was doing the movements correctly.  That is my reason for the 1 min rest between each round.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday 02262013 WOD

Last night's workout was good...I ran out of time is the workout as Rxed"

Deadlift  4 x EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 12 minutes @ 50% of 1 rep max

B1. Strict Press 8,4,8,4 rest 1 min
B2. Pull ups 10 x 4, rest 90 sec

C. Back Squat + good morning
1.1 x 10 x 3, rest 2 min

5 rounds
5 x 6 count burpee
10 x jack knife sit up

Here is what I ended up doing:

A. as Rxed
I used 165lbs approximately 50% of my 1 rep max deadlift. I am thinking my max would be 320 or so...this was a great workout...I enjoyed the 4 x EMOM. Just enough rest.

B. as RXed here are the loads
8 x 135lbs
10 x pulls ups - 3/3/4
4 x 155lbs
10 x pull ups - 3/3/2/2
8 x 145lbs
10 x pull ups - 3/2/4/1 *I was ugly.
4 x 165lbs
10 x pull ups - 2/2/2/2/1/1 *it was ugly towards the be very honest it was barely a pull up the last 2.

C. NA - I ran out of time. I could not do was already 7PM and I needed to do the cool down with my co workers.

Last night a couple co workers agreed to do the 5 rounds cool down with felt good to somewhat "lead' and be the one that is NOT last and NOT our of sync.  It was cool.

I made them do the cool down as RXed and they loved it. They were huffing and puffing and was dying at the end.  Good stuff.

Next workout is Thursday...we shall see what Coach has me doing.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday 02242013 WOD

Happy Sunday dear readers...

After a great showing at yesterday's NLI competition, Coach was beat up, so he did a recovery workout and took his post yelling at yours truly.

I call this the "I wont be able to poop for a few days" workout...

Run - 2x around the block
Row for 10 min - 2056M - just a nice steady pace, this is to work on technique and keep moving

stretch and mobilty


3 x Box Squats with 10 x Russian Swings using a 70lb KB in between each set.  Similar to last week, where I do 3 reps of box squats then 10 swings, 3 reps of box squats then 10 swings etc.  Here are the loads

95lbs x 3 for warm up
53lb KB x 10 for warm up

135lbs x 3
10 x swings
165lbs x 3
10 x swings
185lbs x 3 - now here is the switch up. I was not doing these "correctly" so Coach had me repeat this weight for a total of 4 sets.  Continuing the swings in between each one.

this is me one day...LOL!

basically why am I not going up in weight if I cannot do this weight correct. This was not a max effort day or a PR day at all.  This was technique and form and doing it right.  So I stayed at this weight for the rest of the workout.

100 x ab mat sit ups as Rx
100 x push ups
* I could only get 45 sit ups done before my belly started cramping up. I could not finish. FAIL.
Push ups were done as Rx except for a few ugly ones...but I got it done.

500m Row to cool down.  Same as the warm up.  Working on moving and cooling down the legs and my technique.

light stretching...done and done.

After this headed to Trader Joes for some groceries, that place is a madhouse I swear...but I got goodies for the week and keeping the protein handy for my mornings.

After those box squats...I wont be pooping comfortably for a bit...ugh.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NLI - Diamond of the Tough

This morning a few of us went to root and cheer on our coach and our friend Paul in a workout competition.

This was the Diamond of the Tough and it was held in Monrovia at Crossfit Academy.  Here are some highlights:

Paul warming up...
NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

Paul meets his judge and gets ready for his first heat!

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

This was a ground to overhead aka Snatch ladder.  2 reps and moving up as far as you can go to the end which was 200lbs.

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

Paul in action!!

Paul got to 155lbs very good, but he wanted and thought he would make it to 185lbs.  Still a great first heat!

Here comes coach Brandon!!

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

easy like butter...
NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

Walking up to 190 lbs...1 more to reach the end...200lbs!
NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

at the 200lbs FINAL one..

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

Brandon is one of only TWO people that morning to reach the end of the ladder.  YAY!!

The friends that support you!!
NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

the aftermath....
NLI - Diamond In The Tough Competition

great morning!

As of this post...Brandon was 8th over all and Paul was 21st.  They had one more event to fact they are probably doing it right now as I am typing this. GO GO GO!!!

Brandon got 5th overall and Paul got 25th!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 02162013 Lifting

Happy I was able to sneak in and get a good lifting session in this afternoon.  Now that I free from the chains of LA FITNESS, I can stay in my spoiled little bubble where I have a rack and weights and a coach yelling at me all to myself.  Ahh...heavenly bliss. we go.  So as my previous post stated my right foot/heel is still hurting. I am know I cannot put too much on my heel so I opted to go over head.  Do all the over head stuff and work those shoulders.  Here is what I did...

Row 1K = 4:05
95lbs x 10 strict press
95lbs x 5 strict press, 3 x push press, 3 x push jerk = 2 sets

5/3/1 x Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
with 10 x GHD sit ups in between clarify here is an example, let's say I start off at 100 lbs.

100lbs x 5 - push press
10 ghd sit ups
120lbs x 3 push press
10 ghd sit ups
140lbs x 1 push press
10 ghd sit ups

these suck...dreaded GHD Situps..mine DO NOT look like on that.

I would do the above for all 3 movements with increasing weight.  Cool?  Understand?  Ok here are the loads:


5 x 135lbs
3 x 155lbs
1 x 175lbs


5 x 145lbs
3 x 175lbs
1 x 195lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


5 x 165lbs - FAIL...repeat only got 3
3 x 175lbs - FAIL, then FAIL...then FAIL...and coach said STOP.

I was not dipping and using my hips. I blame my foot, I was afraid to really JUMP the weight and land on my heel. I was over compensating on my left foot all day and as soon as I felt that weight in the front rack and tried to dip and drive and dip, I was scared of landing on my heel and dumping.  I will try this again when 100% healthy and REALLY TRY TO GET 200lbs over my head.  One of my goals was to get my body weight over head...which for all intensive purposes would be 225lbs.  If I can press and hold 225 over my head, it will be a glorious day!

So bittersweet...I got 195lbs over head and it FELT GOOD....but could not get my jerk going.  It was definitely a SKILL thing, I was just not doing the movement correctly.  Period.

Well onward...I am just happy I got to lift.  Oh yeah I had to finish off my 20 remaining sit ups.  So total sit ups were 90...and coach was being generous there as I was sloppy as hell and had to break it up first by 5s then was ugly. I know it was.

Happy 3 day weekend folks!

Saturday 02162013 WOD

This week I have pain in my foot. I have heel spurs in both feet and this week my right foot is giving me issues.  Just pain where the bottom of my heel is.  Makes my gimpy and harder to walk and very hard to run.

So coach adjusted the workout for is what we did:

warm up run/walk for me

35 min AMRAP - cardio..just keep moving!
Run *I did a modified limp run, practicing leaning forward on my toes run/walk
back and forth 25ft. 2 xs.

20 x push ups
30 x sit ups
10 x each leg step ups
10 x each of one legged squats (sit or lunge position ok)

Stretch and done!

Not a bad day def an easier one than usual which was good, it was a gorgeous morning and peeps were getting antsy about working out.  We got through it.

Hoping to get in a lifting session this afternoon...waiting now!  Will blog once it happens!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday 02082013 and Saturday 02092013 WODs

Yesterday after work I headed over to the gym located in my office building at work.  I went with a couple of co workers and they ran through an ARM Circuit.  Basically, it is bis, tris, then bis, tris, the bis then tris. This is set up over a few stations and we just rotated.

Now, I probably have not done a "proper arm curl" in months...not a year but maybe 6 mos or longer. I have pretty much removes all isolation type work out except for chest and the occasional back workout. 90% of the workouts I do now are "compound" workouts.  I do squats and deadlifts and various olympic movements.  I just dont do these bi and tri workouts anymore.

So after about 40 mins of 3 to 4 rotations, yes my arms felt a pump, but was it a workout? Most likely not.  My buddies even said, man you slacker, you are not even out of breath.  Well truth is I was not slacking I just did not feel challenged by the workout so I went through the motions and did what I did.  Next time I go I think I will skew off and do my own thing.

Saturday 02092013 Bootcamp
We had a crazy rain storm come through over night and then this morning just GORGEOUS was chilly for sure...but it was nice.  Here is what we did! Oh yeah today was BUDDY DAY!  A few if us brought friends so we have guests with us.  Good because of that, coach had a lot of partner workouts!

Warm up run

Suicide Runs
50ft - 75ft - 100ft
while partner sits in bottom of squat
3 x

100 push up (combined)
1 works, 1 hold a push up plank

Suicide Runs
50 ft to 100 ft
While partner sits in bottom of squat
2 x

20 squat jumps (as Rx was 10 x no push up burpee, I did not have to do them because it was my "reward" for curling 115lbs the week before.  Yay..some reward."
alternating, partner works while other rests
4 x

100ft Walking Lunges back and forth (essentially 200ft)


Good work out and proud of all the buddys that came out!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday 02042013 WOD

Asylum Gym workout tonight as is the break down.

Warm up run

2 rounds (as Rx was 4, but I had to go curl)
10 x no push up burpee
10 x hand release push up
10 x air squat

*I had to "prove" myself to coach tonight.  So back in the days I was able to curl 135lbs.  Yes maybe I did a slight cheat to get the bar moving, but I could do it.  He doubted me and made me do STRICT curls.  Before we did it, he said I wouldnt be able to curl 95lbs  CORRECTLY.  So in the middle of warm up we had to go to the rack and I had to curl.

95lbs DONE
115lbs DONE
135lbs - FAIL.

OK so I did not do the 135lbs strict..but I did get props for being stronger than he he is going to consider my reward of one week of no burpees! HA!  Anyway..back to the workout.

4 rounds with a running clock - each station 90 seconds
Body rows
10 each arm G2O (35lbs)
Plank to push ups

100 x forward lunges
100 x squat jumps
*do them anyway you want, broken up anyway you want

Stretching and mobility to end the session!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bucket List - SKYDIVING!!!

My girlfriend had a request last year, that for her birthday she wanted to go skydiving.  So we tried to go but our first trip got cancelled due to bad weather.  We had to reschedule to this weekend.  So yesterday...on 02/02/2013 we BOTH jumped out of a plane and took care of a bucket list item!


We went to Skydive Coastal California.  Great Yelp rating and rated as one of the best for first timers.


It was great.  We had to wait a long time as there were crowded runways and downed planes.  There was a large group of 6 that had to wait and wait and eventually just left.  Felt kinda bad for them...but hey we got to go so that was all my concern.

Here we are all suited and ready to rock!

Yes we are super super.


my best super hero pose during freefall....


Yeah I am awesome...

Now I have one less thing  on my bucket list!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!


Saturday 02022013 WOD

Saturday AM bootcamp time!

Here is what we did!

Warm up run
Stretching and mobility

4 rounds of the below  *increase intensity as you move along

Run 100 ft back and forth
10 Push Ups
20 Mountain Climbers

10 Squats
20 Squat Jumps

20 Minute AMRAP of the below:
20 Burpees
20 KB Thrusters *44lbs

20 each arm Dumbbell Ground to Overhead *25lb



Langham Afternoon Tea

A few weeks ago, I went to Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena.  This was to celebrate both my sister (1/20) and my girlfriend's (1/15) birthday.

Here are the goodies



These were yummy...a take on ham and eggs!

Standard cucumber cream cheese...


Now dessert...



Cant have tea without scones!



and a surprise little treat for the birthday girls!