Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Workout - 01142013

Last night's workout...man I was and am still in pain. WHOLE BODY soreness is no bueno!

But I get to rest this week...TODAY Jan 15 is my girlfriend's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

So the rest of the week into MLK day will be celebrating!

anyways...enough about me, here is the workout.


Inch Worm w Push Up x 10 (only did 5)
Arm and Shoulder flexibility

using a 35lb dumbell

1 arm DB swing x 15
1 arm press x 15 (alternate arm - switching arms for each exercise)

1 arm over head squat x 10

*worked as needed between 3-4 rounds

using same dumbell

7 x thrusters (repeat with alternate arm)
7 x burpees (no push up)

14 x weighted squat jumps
3 rounds

Cool Down

6 count squat with a 4 count hold at bottom x 5
3 count squat with a 2 count hold at bottom x 5



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