Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Protein Cheat Sheet

Feel free to print out and keep at your desk or on your fridge!

I grabbed the info from this site...

I just formatted it and made it easier to copy and paste on a blank word doc.  You may thank me later!

*UPDATE - wanted to clarify to not confuse peeps.  This is not a list of protein sources per se, only a list of major foods in common categories and how much protein can be found in them.  For example, nuts are more a source of FAT that contain some protein, and beans especially soy are not considered "great' sources of protein.  Use at your discretion people, I am not a dietitian or nutritionist...obviously.

Shortcut: An ounce of meat or fish has approximately 7 grams of protein.

Hamburger patty, 4 oz – 28 grams protein
Steak, 6 oz – 42 grams
Most cuts of beef – 7 grams of protein per ounce

Chicken breast, 3.5 oz - 30 grams protein
Chicken thigh – 10 grams (for average size)
Drumstick – 11 grams
Wing – 6 grams
Chicken meat, cooked, 4 oz – 35 grams

Most fish fillets or steaks are about 22 grams of protein for 3 ½ oz (100 grams) of cooked fish, or 6 grams per ounce
Tuna, 6 oz can - 40 grams of protein

Pork chop, average - 22 grams protein
Pork loin or tenderloin, 4 oz – 29 grams
Ham, 3 oz serving – 19 grams
Ground pork, 1 oz raw – 5 grams; 3 oz cooked – 22 grams
Bacon, 1 slice – 3 grams
Canadian-style bacon (back bacon), slice – 5 – 6 grams

Eggs and Dairy
Egg, large - 6 grams protein
Milk, 1 cup - 8 grams
Cottage cheese, ½ cup - 15 grams
Yogurt, 1 cup – usually 8-12 grams, check label
Soft cheeses (Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert) – 6 grams per oz
Medium cheeses (Cheddar, Swiss) – 7 or 8 grams per oz
Hard cheeses (Parmesan) – 10 grams per oz

Beans (including soy)
Tofu, ½ cup 20 grams protein
Tofu, 1 oz, 2.3 grams
Soy milk, 1 cup - 6 -10 grams
Most beans (black, pinto, lentils, etc) about 7-10 grams protein per half cup of cooked beans
Soy beans, ½ cup cooked – 14 grams protein
Split peas, ½ cup cooked – 8 grams

Nuts and Seeds
Peanut butter, 2 Tablespoons - 8 grams protein
Almonds, ¼ cup – 8 grams
Peanuts, ¼ cup – 9 grams
Cashews, ¼ cup – 5 grams
Pecans, ¼ cup – 2.5 grams
Sunflower seeds, ¼ cup – 6 grams
Pumpkin seeds, ¼ cup – 8 grams
Flax seeds – ¼ cup – 8 grams

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday 01282013 WOD

Last night's workout was different.  I was at my usual Monday night spot at Asylum in Old Town Pasadena. Today coach did something totally different.  It was awesome.  It was different but just as challenging.  One the participants put it was a "Power Yoga or Crossfit Yoga on Steroids."  We used zero weights...everything was BW (body weight) or core/balance exercises.  I will try my best to put everything we was alot.

Warm up run
Stretch and Mobility

We did numerous rounds/sets of the below in combination in solo and for different amounts of time in constant was great.

Hollow Body Hold
1-legged hip raises (bridge)
Bird Dog Plank
Side Plank
Sit Ups
Flutter kicks

3 count squats with a hold
Speed squats

7 min AMRAP
hand release push ups
squat jumps
x 5 then x 10 then x 15 etc...or the whole 7 mins.
I got to and completed 25 of each.


As you can see not our typical workout but again, people were huffing and puffing and sweating.  It was intense but in a different way.  Great change up to our "usual" workouts.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend fun Sat 01262013 and Sun 01272013

Here is the weekend workouts!

And I am actually posting from HOME!  YAY!  I have internet! and Cable! no HD yet, I did not know it was "extra" what a rip!  Anyways, I was able to get the first month of HD free...along with  HBO and Cinemax for 3 months free.  So it is ok. are the workouts.

SATURDAY 01262013

Short Run
30 x squats
30 x jumping lunges

3 rounds of the above

Push up Plank
Bottom of squat hold
1 min of each for 3 rounds

Single leg squat x 15

Bench dips x 15
x2 (w/ hold)


SUNDAY 01272013
It was a somewhat busy weekend so I had to sneak into the LA Fitness in Alhambra for a quick workout.

Row 1K

Seated Dumbbell press *weights are dumbbells one in each hand
35lbs x 10 (2)
45lbs x 10
55lbs x 10
65lbs x 10 - Fail only did 7

Clean and Press (touch and go floor to shoulder to overhead)

warm up - 95lbs x 10

135lbs = 5 x 5 *1 minute rest between sets
DONE - 8:20

Band stretch of front rack 4 x each arm


Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday 01242013 Workout

Last night after work I got dressed and dragged myself to the gym.  I hit up the LA FITNESS in Hollwood right next to Hollywood and Highland.  Man..I really really really dont like massive gyms.  It is pretty impossible to workout is just too crowded and loud.  But..I will say the people watching is almost worth the price of admission.  It is just crazy the people going through there...really entertaining.

But I digress, I have been so spoiled, for the last 2-3 years I was a member of a medium sized gym, the Bodies in Motion in Pasadena.  It was perfect.  After they late last year, these few months I have been spoiled again training with my coach.  Doing bootcamps, and attending classes at a semi private gym and his garage that is pretty much equipped with everything you need.  Which means going to a big box gym sucks even more.  OK I will quite my bitchin and get to my workout.

Warm up

Bench Press

135 x 10 (2)
185 x 10
225 x 3
245 x 3
275 x 2

Incline Bench Press

135 x 10
185 x 5
225 x 3
245 x 2

Dips x 20
Broken up 5 x 4

Seated Row - wide grip
10 x

Close Grip High pull

10 x
75/90/120/145/ 160 *only 5

Rubber Bands Stretch - 10 mins
Front Rack alternating sides + both at the same time

Row 1K cool down

That is all....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday 01192013 Double WOD

Sunday whine/cry baby.... Here it goes.  I am super sore.  All over sore... Butt,  back,  legs,  shoulders..... I can safely say about 80% of my body is sore.  I need a massage... I am really going to try and get one after Mondays workout... So I can make it through the rest of the week.

But inside I am happy for this pain.  I know many people that train and train hard actually strive for this pain. We seek it.  We enjoy it.... That is why you hear how some people just need to workout if they have taken a long break.  We are in a primitive way masochistic... I want to feel this soreness!


I went for a 2fer yesterday..... Cut me some slack for my complaining please... Here it is:


50 ft distance
High knees/butt kicks
Side shuffles/up and over knees
Lunges and lunges with twist

100ft distance (back and forth = 200ft)
Burpee jump
30 sit ups
Walking lunges
30 sit ups
2 rounds...(2nd round only half for me, 50ft b+f)

Cool down

That was the morning romp... Not bad right? Well since i am a glutton for punishment i went in to lift a few hours later...

WOD #2 - Lifting

Row 1k warm up, 4:25
PVC Pipe stretch
Front rack position stretching
Squat stretch... Sit as low as possible and hold

65lbs x 2
95lbs x 2
135lbs x 1
155lbs x 1
165lbs x 1
175lbs x 1
185lbs x 1 ***NEW PR***

3 rounds of
15 x 70lbs KB swing
Rest 1 min
15 x GHD sit ups
Rest 1min

2RM = 135lbs / 165lbs / 185lbs / 225lbs

205lbs x 30
1k row
For time...

Completed at 10:42 I allowed to complain after all that?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Workout - 01142013

Last night's I was and am still in pain. WHOLE BODY soreness is no bueno!

But I get to rest this week...TODAY Jan 15 is my girlfriend's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

So the rest of the week into MLK day will be celebrating!

anyways...enough about me, here is the workout.


Inch Worm w Push Up x 10 (only did 5)
Arm and Shoulder flexibility

using a 35lb dumbell

1 arm DB swing x 15
1 arm press x 15 (alternate arm - switching arms for each exercise)

1 arm over head squat x 10

*worked as needed between 3-4 rounds

using same dumbell

7 x thrusters (repeat with alternate arm)
7 x burpees (no push up)

14 x weighted squat jumps
3 rounds

Cool Down

6 count squat with a 4 count hold at bottom x 5
3 count squat with a 2 count hold at bottom x 5



Monday, January 14, 2013

CES 2013 - TechRadar Launch Party

Love to see our hard work pay off!

Tao Night Club
Tuesday 1/8/2013  CES 2013
TechRadar Official US launch Party
Crystal Method and Far East Movement

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday lift day... 01132013 WOD

Great workout this afternoon... Definitely going to be sore, in fact sore right now.  Ugh...

Warm Up
1k row
30x back extension on GHD

Power Snatch + 3 OHS(overhead squat)  + 2 push press = 8xs
Warm up w 45#bar x 3 OHS


Russian swing (to chest)  w 53lb KB x 10
EMOM for 8 minutes

Build to 5RM heavy back squat
135#/ 165#/ 185#/ 205#/ 225#
*first time I used a belt... Really helped me get these loads.  When I go heavy again,  I will definitely use the belt. For more anaerobic or metcon workouts I wont use one.

Cool down... Row 1k w increasing intensity.
FAIL my arm started cramping and spasm so I had to step.  It was weird,  as I felt like I had a marble in my arm... A very painful marble.... Ugh.  About an hour after the marble was gone but the arm was twitching still... No bueno.  I need to hydrate... Lots more water for sure.

Good night!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday 01122013 Bootcamp

This morning was both easy and way hard.  Easy as the workout was easy to execute... Hard to finish.  This was a test this morning to get a time to work from.  We will do this again at the end of February and see how we improve.

Read it and weep....

1 mile run
300 squats
200 sit ups
100 pushups
1 mile run

For time....
I failed the sit ups only doing 125.... My final time... 59:50

I was last.

I guess only way to go is up right?  FML

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday 01072013 WOD

This post is going to be a bit sloppy.  I seriously forgot the workout as soon as we were done.  So take it for what it is....

Warm up run
Stretch and mobility

15 x
Squat to walkout to push up walk back to squat stand (open hips)

5/5/10 x 2
No push up burpee
Hand release pushup

30 sec for each x 2 non stop (45lb plate)
45 sec x 2

Overhead hold
Sumo squat w weight
Weighted sit up

Plate swing
Weighted squat jump
Plank to push up

Cool down stretch


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday AM Boot Camp WOD - 01052013

OK I am squatting at my sister's place, my old place so I can get some internet.  I placed an order for AT&T Uverse and they are coming in to install on Jan 26.  So bear with me on the lack of blog updates until then...

I went to class on Saturday AM at the park here is what we did!

Warm up Run

50 x of each
Jumping Squats
Jump Lunge

(able to break it up however you long as you finish it all)

1 min each for 2 rounds at each station

KB Swings - 44lb and 35lbs
Thrusters - 10lb dumbells

Sled push w buddy

Push ups
Sit ups

Cool down run

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vintage Watch Collecting

Excellent video on how to get into Watch Collecting...I dont agree with all the tips but they are pretty spot on a lot if it!  ENJOY!!!