Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Post Turkey Pre Work 12012013

10;45PM...Sunday night.  I will be going to sleep very soon.  I do need my beauty rest.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I had a nice simple one...dinner at Mom's and a much needed 4 day weekend.  Only downside to that is $$$.  Being on contract means I am hourly so no work no money.  Next week's paycheck will be crappy. I am already dreading it.

I was happy to get in a couple of fitness classes in.  I have now done everything I wanted to try on this Groupon special.

TIDAL WAVE  it is basically a circuit class that uses the Water Rower as the "timer."  They set up stations, body weight, core, TRX etc...and they have a person or persons on a rower and they have to row a certain distance.  250m or 500m. Everyone does their stations as the rower works..and everyone switches once the rower reaches the distance.

It was pretty fun.

Again all these groupon classes are just a means to an end for me.  As I am figuring out what to do..and where to go, I need something to do.  I need to get up and at least move once or twice a week.  I am hoping the start of 2014 will give some direction on the job front and I can commit to going back to LA Fitness or join a Crossfit Box near work.  The easier cheaper route is LA Fitness for sure...but I want to see what happens.

I am going to finish up my classes and continue to ride my bike when I get a chance and like I say just keep moving.

I am really hoping to get back into at least a 3x a week workout.  Time and money will tell.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Super Clean BLUEBIRD 510

I will keep the text to a minimum...check out this super clean Datsun 510 Bluebird SSS.

This is my friend Savant's ride...owner and head coach at FIGHT ACADEMY in Pasadena.  He also owns a just as clean Mazda RX3 that he is building.

The pictures speak for themselves....
Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Nice roll cage...
Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Interior is clean..rocking Recaros..

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

from Wikipedia..
In May 1965 the base engine was enlarged to a downtuned version of the 1.3 L unit already used in the SS, now with a single (twin-barrel) carb and developing 67 PS (49 kW) at 5,200 rpm. The transmission remained a three-speed.[5] The SS was downtuned somewhat, now with 72 PS (53 kW) but still with the four-speed unit.[5] More excitingly, a twin-carb 1.6 L SSS model was launched the same month, with no less than 90 PS (66 kW).[6] This begat a line of famous Nissans in Japan, with the Bluebird SSS a mainstay of the range until its deletion in 2001.

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird


Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird can eat off it..
Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

Savant's Datsun SSS Bluebird

A very nice car...period.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long Overdue UPDATE 11162013

Hello Hello Hello!!!

I have been asleep and off this blog for so long...I apologize.  Lots have been going on...I am not going to into too much of the goings on...but will try to catch everyone up that is interested in what is going on in my little life.  I will make it easy and have headers so you can skim and choose to read what you want!

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH I attended my first INDO ROW class. I have always enjoyed rowing and felt I was getting better on the rower/erg and just liked it.  So when I saw that GROUPON had a special for some classes in my area I jumped on it.  A while back I did a guest blog and was asked what are some tips or strategies for people to get up and move around and how and why I did.  One of my tips is to search the coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social etc for fitness classes.  It is a PERFECT way to try something you never have before and for a deep discount.  Want to try Zumba? or a Bootcamp? I guarantee there is a coupon in your area where you can go try it for cheap.  So..that is what I did.  I saw this great deal for ATP studio in South Pasadena.  It is a fitness studio that offers Barre, TRX, Rowing classes as well as Physical Therapy.  It is super close to home and offered classes I was interested in trying so I bought it. I have a 6 class coupon and I can pick and choose any class and anytime I want.  This morning I did my first class...INDO ROW.

First my BEST row times were a 2K at 4:08 and 500m at 2:02 or around there.  Even being out for so long I thought I could do OK.  The class is basically like a SPIN class for rowing.  We did warm up, we did a tabata, we did a mini "race" and it was a pretty good workout.  I hung in there and did OK..and my "style" of rowing was best at the quick spurts.  One of our races was a 150M sprint...we did it in teams.  So was soon as the person next to you got to 20M they yelled 20! and you were to get ready...and then they yell GO and you go.  The 150M was a good sprint for me and I was able to crush it.  All in all it was a 45 min class and I really liked it.  Small group less than 10 and ALL CHICKS.  I have to admit, I dont think alot of guys are part of that gym...but I guess I will see.  It looks very much like a higher end "studio" and the clientele is definitely geared towards women.  I am planning on taking a TRX class next as well as a TIDAL WAVE class.  Again these are classes I have always been interested in trying.

2011 FOCUS ARRIBA "Fitness Series" Hybrid Bike

I decided in the last few weeks I needed a bike...a real bike with gears and I can take out for real rides not just cruising around. I have my 24 inch BMX for that.  But needed something I can take to the rosebowl or the LA River Bike Path etc to get some low impact cardio. to get moving and mobilize my lower extremities that wont mess up my feet.  I pulled the trigger last week and picked up a hybrid.  I got a great deal as it was a closeout special.

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

I am hoping it does not rain tomorrow so I can take it for a romp around the area.  I may ride it to Trade Joes for a quick grocery run...who knows.  If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I will go for a spin.

Here is where you can log off and read something else. Unless you really care why and what is happening no need for further reading.  This is the boring personal stuff.

It all started in Sept...Labor Day.  3 major things happened around that time.  Give or take a few days. I started a new contract/temp job, my left foot started bugging me and I stopped training with my regular crew/coach.  I am just going to get into my foot problems.  A job is a job and  I am just pleased to have one at this time.  I am doing my best to change the temp status into perm and will see how it goes as we roll into 2014.  As for my old workout crew and coach...again a long story and not something I will get into here. It is what it is and I am looking for somewhere else to train.

Now the feet...any one that has read my blog or knows me, knows my foot problems.  In late October I decided to suck it up and find a podiatrist and once and for all find out what is going on and how to fix it.  I found a local doctor with a great yelp page and made an appointment.  Now bear in mind I have NO Obamacare if in my very near future...but now I am paying CASH.  Sucks.  I go in..and see the doctor.  He gives me anti flammatories and orders bloodwork.  I do all that go back to see him.  We go over it..and sure enough the blood work confirms Rheumatoid Arthritis, High Uric Acid and a bunch of stuff.  It was at this time we has like OK..nothing more I can do for you, you need a specialist.  So he refers to me to a Rheumatoidologist.  But I the next appt is not until 5 weeks away.  So I bare it...then right around Halloween the pain left my left foot and jumped to my right foot.  It got so bad that I could not walk and had to see the doctor again and ask for a steroid shot. It was bad.  Now remember I have been in pain for the last month and a half.  Of course my original podiatrist is on vacation until 31st, so I had to call another that could see me right away.  I find another doctor...and he too RXed me anti flammatories and gives me right foot a shot or cortisoid for the pain.  I do a follow up and he too says the exact same thing..nothing I can do now. You need to see a specialist for the RA.  I went to see the specialist last night...he listens to me...and now says..he does not think I have RA..he thinks it is GOUT.  So after years of do I have gout or dont I...the specialist thinks it is gout.  He orders me gout meds and I have to do a full blood panel and go see him in 3 weeks.  Sigh...bored yet?

As of this writing my feet feel OK. I was able to do the row class this AM..because I was not on my feet....I just hope it works out and I am good enough to continue training. I have 5 more classes to spread out for the next few weeks...when I will then figure out what I should do with my fitness.  Oh man...fingers crossed everything goes well.

I will blog all my workouts as soon as I get on some regular schedule....but this post should explain A LOT.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Chest Abuse Day - 10062013

Apologies for not be honest I have not been to the gym or worked out in a bit.  It has been hit and miss for a while now. Once I figure something out I will post it here for everyone.  So be patient with me on my updates.

Today, I went to a small private gym where my friend is a trainer.  We had to whole place to ourselves. It was good.  We only did chest...basic movements and heavy as possible.

We only had a smith rack so we were limited in that...but here is what we did.

Incline Bench Press
135lbs 2 x 10 - warm up
185 x 10
225 x 5
245 x 3 ( 2 sets)

Shallow Incline (higher angle than above)
135lbs close grip x 10
225 close grip  2 x 5

Flat Bench
225 x fail w spot 3 sets
I was averaging about 3-4 reps and my friend would force me to do 2 more...where it was a straight fail...the weight was just sitting there, I couldnt lift it at all.

Cable flies
3 x 10
various weight


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday 09212013 WOD

Met some friends at the ol high school this morning for a good workout. For the last 3 weeks I have been only doing some sporadic lifting. Bench, Squats and Deadlifts mainly so it was nice to get a good sweat and have that heart beat again.  Today was the recharge I body needed.  It was great...and what better to do with good friends that inspire you.  I had it all this AM.  Good times indeed.

10 mins of stretching and getting blood moving.

WOD - this is modified because of the persistent pain in my foot. I am happy I was able to make it as much as I could.

Run 1 lap
50 walking lunges
20 6 count burpees
Run 1 lap
50 squats
50 sit ups
Run 1 lap
25 walking lunges
10 6 count burpees
Run 1 lap
50 squats
50 sit ups

my friends finished up and did 3 x stair sprints but I stayed back to stretch....afterwards we cooled down, stretched and chatted it up.  I had a timer and everyone finished around 35-30 mins. I was more like 45 mins because the run always slows me down.  Everything else was good for me.

Really a good day...afterwards headed to breakfast and had something very healthy!  Turkey, Spinach, Brown Rice scramble with home fries and an Arnold Palmer.  Not a bad Saturday at all....good stuff!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday WOD 09152013

It has been a while...yes I know. I have been going through a transition...from a career standpoint as well as some things personally.  It has definitely affected my workouts or lack there of.  No excuses just what is going on right now.

I was able to squeeze this in today...

Push ups 3 x 10


BENCH PRESS 5 x 3 working to a heavy triple
135lbs x 10 for 2 sets to warm up
Working Set loads x 3
255lbs FAIL...too heavy...

135lbs  5 x 5 working on technique and depth...

Done in anyway I want just have to complete 20.  I did it in doubles and triples.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday 09012013 Deadlifts in the Heat

Why oh why is it so dang hot?  And why oh who go to where it is hotter?  The VALLEY is alien land..and it is hot AF.

Went back to my buddy's home gym to further abuse his new gear.  Here is what I did...he did another WOD (I will actually attempt it tomorrow) that I had in my archives.

Stretching/Mobility - 10 minutes

3 x 10
PVC Pass Throughs
Empty bar Good Mornings
Empty bar deadlifts


10 Minutes work to 2RM (rep max)
5 x 2
135lbs x 2

185lbs / 215lbs / 245lbs / 275lbs / 295lbs

10 Minutes EMOM @ 85% of 2RM

Stretching - 10 mins

and got the heck out of there into my air conditioned car...woohooo it is hot out there!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday 08252013 new toys to play with

This Sunday I went over to a buddy's home gym to test out and break in his new equipment.

My friend picked up a bunch of new gear, a rack, barbell and some bumper plates.  All Rogue!

Seriously it felt like 120 degrees out there, I am sure it was much cooler but man it was HOT.  We decided up front to keep it simple, moderate weight and since we both need to practice our technique no need to get crazy.

stretching and mobility = about 20 min usual legs, shoulders etc.

Back Squat = 5 x 3
Bar only x 5
75lbs x 10


Overhead Press = 5 x 3
*I did strict press all the way until the last 2, I then had to switch to a push press
Bar only x 5


DONE...get the heck inside where there was AC...and then headed home to take a cold shower and stretch.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nike Rosherun GPX - Black Tiger Stripe

Nike Rosherun GPX

gotta love the retro style box....this looks so cool.

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Definitely light weight and comfy....

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

detail shot of the shoe's print...

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Monday, August 19, 2013

AIR JORDAN Retro IV - Green Glows

Release date August 17, 2013

Unfortunately, they dont really glow...

Big shout out to my homey Delinq for the hook up.  THANK YOU BROTHER for the kind gesture and DOUBLE BOX!

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

*if any of you readers need any marketing or media help in the PHX Arizona area give my boy a shout.  He specializes in urban lifestyle and culture marketing but of course can do mainstream marketing as well.  If you any projects and need fresh ideas or some help to reach the "cool kids" please give him a shout.  You can say I sent you!  Check out his site at as well as his IG and twitter +Seth P  too!

Coach's BDAY WOD - 08192013

Special day at the old Rosebowl this evening.  We celebrated Coach's birthday today (actual 8/18)!

We decorated the park benches, balloons, gluten free cupcakes, presents and a workout!

jog around park
stretch and mobilty

WOD *we had a choice of 2 workouts, I had to do this one...

75 yard sprint (back and forth = 150 yards)
10 x burpees
5 x pull ups
I was able to complete 8 rounds

Stretch and mobility


Then we all hung around a bit to chit chat and wish Coach a very happy birthday!  He hopefully liked his presents, our coach is a coffee fiend so we got him a cool aeropress coffee press, 2 bags of Peet's fancy whole coffee beans and a gift card to Peets.  Unfortunately, his wife already got him the SAME press...sooo..I guess he has an extra one for travel and just in case the other ever breaks.  Happy Birthday Coach!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday AM 08172013 WOD

Kinda sunny..and a little hot this morning...I guess it is August right?  No need for vitamin D supplements...not this morning.  Let's get into it..

Slow jog around park
Stretch and Mobility

High Knees
Butt Kicks
Tall Side Shuffles
Hip Twisty Shuffles
Back and Forth - 25 yards


1 x full lap around park @ 100%

50 yard walking lunges

40 x bench dips

20 x bench jumps
*everyone had different numbers of the above dips and jumps, these are mine

2 x of the above

3rd one for me...75 yard sprint @ 100% and back
repeat dips and jumps for my final one.

Stretch and Mobility


I have an afternoon tech session scheduled so did not want to eat heavy, but had to eat home took a COLD shower

since I am too wimpy for an ice bath and drinking some organic almond milk with SFH protein.  Plan on some reading for the next 2 hours before the second workout....RELAX!

Friday, August 16, 2013



Join the Pukie World Order!


My friend recently started a little clothing company for the crossfit/fit crowd...only reason I would say this is because the name of the company refers to a Crossfit term/character.  Because in reality anyone that like super soft t shirts, custom designs and hand crafted artwork will appreciate it!

I was lucky enough to get the shirt I SPECIFICALLY WANTED....because heck that is what I am right? (save your boos)

Check out the little swag pack I got from the PWO!

Seriously, I have a custom barf bag....

cool sticker for my next laptop...

As you can see, the FUN of these shirts is the graphics.  PWO takes old timey images of muscle men, strong men and other archaic images of what muscles and fitness was way back when.  Their culture and brand images all point to the same classic/vintage aesthetic.  Def check out their instagram too for funny images like ads for chest enhancers and pics of strong men lifting cars and stuff.  Pretty fun stuff.

Per my friend, new images and designs are coming on deck shortly so def check it out often even if you dont find something you like now, they have something cool that is for you later on.  

The shirts are American Apparel and a super soft jersey knit and each one is hand silk screened. No machines here, just good ol fashioned blood sweat and tears.

I am looking forward to see the upcoming designs.

Thank you again PWO for the love!  I hope people jump on board to support you!  WOD ON!!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday 08122013 WOD at the Rosebowl

Usual Monday evening we go!

Warm Up
300m Jog and back (600 b+f)
stretch and mobility

300m jog/walk

50 x air squats

300m sprint at 100% back

30 x bench dips

30 x push ups

3 x above

Stretch and Mobility