Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Catch Up

For those that may have noticed or care...I have been MIA a bit on my blog.  The reason is simply way busy.  Work has cranked up because everyone wants to get everything done before the holidays.  It was and is super busy.  Then I recently moved out of the condo I share with my sister.  It has been a long 8 years and  it was time to live apart as the condo was getting crowded for both of us.  Long story short, I left to a 1b 1ba apartment down the street.  So all is well in the world.  This also means no internet at least not yet. I plan on calling the first of the year and getting hooked up.  Until then I have to either blog from work or at my sister's place which is where I am now..  OK now you have the backstory...let's get to the weekend was a GREAT way to get back into it.

*I have worked out since the last post but nothing too crazy or worthy of catching up...I think this weekend's WOD will make up for it.  See below!

SATURDAY - 12152012 AM Bootcamp

10 x lunges (2)
50 x flutter kicks
3 rounds

20 x push ups
50 x mountain climbers
20 x jump up
2 rounds

15 x push ups
30 x jump ups
15 x push ups
50 x mountain climbers

12 minute AMRAP of:
20 x KB swings (45lbs)
20 x goblet squats
20 x presses

stretch DONE!

SATURDAY  - Workout #2 Chest/Back lifting
Fat Gripz Bench Press
135lbs x 10 (2)
185lbs x 5 (2)
225lbs x 3 (2 + 1)

Incline Dumbell Press
40lbs x 10
50lbs x 10
65lbs x 10
75lbs x 7

Machine Flys
70 x 10
100 x 10 (2)

Seated Rows
Wide - x 10 = 70/100/120

Lat Pull Down
Close Grip - 70/100/120
Wide Grip - 70/100/120

Pull up practice
10 reps *3 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps, 2 reps

SUNDAY FUNDAY WOD!!!  12162012

Row 1k @ 80% - 4:08
Row 1k @ 90% - 4:02

Power Snatch/Over Head Squat 2 x 12 (every minute on the minute, load weight every 2)
45lbs / 65lbs / 85lbs / 95lbs / 105lbs / 115lbs

Strict Press
10 x 95lbs
8 x 115lbs
6 x 135lbs
4 x 155lbs (failed last one
2 x 160lbs

Box Squat @ 135lbs (50% of 1RM)
3 x 7 with 1 minute rest

Cool Down
1000m row or 5 mins whatever comes first.

SHEESH!  What a Sunday!

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