Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday WOD - 12182012

OK, time to test my memory. I am at work now and trying to post this WOD from yesterday at Asylum Gym LA in Old Town Pasadena. Let's see how my memory is shall we?

RUN - the "Dayton" path  *I also ran most of this..thanks to my big mouth talking to Chris throughout the run I actually ran it!

Stretch and warm up with some mobility work.

6 count squat with 2 count hold at the bottom x 3

Ring Dip Hold
10 x each arm Ground to Overhead x 2 (35lbs)
Hollow Body Hold
3 rounds of the above

1 burpee + 10 x goblet squat *using 35lbs plate across all movements
1 burpee + 10 x plate swing
1 burpee + 10 x squat jump holding the plate
3 rounds

*penalty burpees = 15
- this was for getting lapped by Brandon doing the above workout. He did 2 rounds and I had to do my last 3rd one.

Good workout for sure to start a crazy week...and not bad, like other elephants I have a good memory! YAY!

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