Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday 11242012 WOD

After all that good food, time to get to work right?

I work up yesterday not feeling good. I think I caught a bit of a cold.  So I was not 100%.  But I went in guns blazing regardless.

We met at the local high their track and field. 2PM. It was hot...

We got our butt kicks in the gorgeous So Cal weather. Blue skies, sunshine around 75 was a tad warm out there....but we did it. Here is what we did:

Run 400m (around the track)

30 yards
high knees
butt kicks
side shuffles
cross overs

sprint to from short end of field to other end
10 x burpees
Walking lunges halfway back

Jog it in
5 rounds

Run stadium stairs up

take one step down, squat ass to bench all the way back
5 mins AMRAP

30 x elbows to palms plank position

30 x each side raises

50 x full sit up
complete anyway you want just finish the number

back to stadium stairs
hop up stairs
walk it back down
5 min AMRAP

Cool down stretch....


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