Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nitraflex by GAT

I have been experimenting with a new PRE-WORKOUT drink.

I have been using NO-Xplode for a while.  I have liked it and it has worked well.  I got a referred by a colleague at work on what he uses.  He reccoed this...


I have to say, it works a lot faster than NO Xplode.  Usually it takes about 30-40 min to take effect but this stuff hits within 20 mins.

The main thing for me was this has a testosterone booster.  Wanted to see how it would work.  So far I have used this about 3 times and other than working really fast, it also makes your pee bright yellow.  It kinda looks like I am peeing a highlighter.  But the pump and energy is there for sure.  You feel it and it takes you through your workout pretty well.

I dont feel it is stronger or better than NO xplode, but I do like it is faster so I can drink it closer to a workout and get on it.

Not bad...I think I will switch it up between the 2.  I have some NO xplode left so I will switch it up once in a while.

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