Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Funday WOD - 10282012

Been sick the last few days so I missed a couple workouts.  I posted, the best part of being sick is the "fake" weight loss...I had zero appetite for like 2 days and barely ate anything. I felt like crap and weak but I dropped some weight for sure!

Got my ass to the gym this morning and finally did the workout my coach sent over from last week.  Here goes.

Row 1k - 4:20 Slow and steady
Jump Rope - practice double unders and did 200 single unders

SNATCH - technique practice
I did a hang snatch into a squat so I guess it is a 2 part squat snatch or so.  This is something coach makes me do to get my technique done and to practice my squat with the weight over my head.

Bar x 5
65lbs x 5
95lbs x 5

Again, more practice getting weight over my head....
95lbs x 3, x5
115lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 2 *3rd rep was a FAIL...  =(

SQUAT - work to a heavy 10 reps
*again, practicing and focusing on depth and position.  This is obviously not for weight, more practice and technique.
155lbs x 5 *fail the rest...could not finish the full 10.

stretch...went on the back extension and stretched out my hamstrings and other parts of my legs.

as I was walking out I saw the scale and figured lets see how bad or good I have been since my cleanse?  As you may recall in August, I did a 5 day master cleanse and dropped about 12lbs in 5 days.  I ended at 220lbs.  So I stepped on...and...drum roll...


Not bad...right?

Pretty good for a Sunday I am pretty happy!

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