Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shadowline Vinyl Install

I was able to take my car to my friend's house to get the chrome covered up in a matte black.  BMW made what is called a SHADOWLINE trim which is basically a black trim around the windows for the lower end models. The higher end cars got Chrome trim...which was supposed to be fancier.  But most enthusiast do not like the chrome and have it changed back to black or have it covered in vinyl.

I did vinyl...as I cannot afford to do it legit..with the real OEM parts...too pricey!

Please visit...STICKYICONS  for all your vinyl needs!  He does pro signage, car lettering as well as signage. He does not do full wraps yet, but for everything else he is the best.



It came out great.  It looks factory!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Big huge thanks to Krist at STICKY ICONS!!!

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