Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday AM misty WOD - 10202012

Woke up this morning to clouds and drizzle. I did not hear bootcamp was cancelled so I went anyway.


We had a great time and running in COOL, FRESH, MISTY AIR was awesome.  It felt great and crisp and clean.  The park was not as crowded as usual since it was drizzle so we had more room and it was a good class.  Since we could not do much or any ground stuff..duh...wet floors?  We did A LOT of running.

Run lap (*short lap for me)

5 min laps AMRAP
30 x air squat
30 x walking lunges

4 min laps AMRAP
30 x air squat
15 x walking lunges
20 x pop ups/step ups (*modified burpee with a step up)

1 min as fast as you can lap
20 x air squat
15 x step up
30 x push ups

Stretch  DONE!

Good workout and again the weather was awesome!

Got home made myself a protein shake, took a COLD COLD to get my muscles and calorie burning going and I feel great.

Hoping to lift tomorrow to start the week off on a good foot!  Woohoo!

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