Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday WOD - 10292012

Tonight's brutal was pain..but I think I did OK.  Maybe it was the free sample Pre Workout mix I had...I did feel decent tonight. is what we did:

Run around the block *the long route

30 sec each @ 50% then 75% then 100% effort
Air Squats
Sit ups
Jumping Jacks


45s ON
15s rest

60s ON
15s rest

75s ON
15s rest

90s ON
15 rest

60s ON
15 rest

3 exercises rotating
Combat Rope
5 x burpees, 10 x KB swings 25lbs KB

3 part wall balls (7x squat, 7x throw, 7x complete wall ball) = 15lbs ball

1 min rest in between each set.

60s Push Up Plank hold

Stretch/Cool down

This hurt...hurt so good.  Pretty crazy...everyone was gassed after.  Great workout nonetheless!

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