Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Night WOD - 10222012

Another great workout this evening at ASYLUM GYM in Old Town Pasadena.  As stated before Coach teaches here a couple days a week and it has been working out pretty well, except for parking which can be sketchy and with the holidays coming up, it will only get worst.  I guess I will deal with it when it happens....

I was feeling pretty crappy going in, I drank a pre workout drink, a sample coach gave me as a joke..like hey try it.  It tasted ok...but for some reason this evening it really made me nauseous .  I got through the workout luckily as my food from lunch stayed down.  It was weird I felt strong but felt like puking if that makes sense.  Anyways on to the work out.

Run - "long block" around the back of Old Town.
high knees
butt kicks
2 count fist push up x 5 x 2
superman hold x 30 sex x 3
hollow body bold x 30sec x 3

using a 35# plate through out each movement...
- overhead press
- weighted sit up
- squat jumps *no weight added
- plate swings

we did 30sec for each with a 2 min rest after each rotation.  We did 5 rounds in different varying combinations. This is an excellent HIIT (high intensity interval training) set...we were all spent after this.  SHEEESHE!!

*last 2 sets, we had to do a push up plank hold for 30sec-1min

Cool down...we did side planks, as well as stretching for upper body and legs....DONE!

going to rest tomorrow and hit the gym on Wednesday night to continue the WOD that was prescribed last week.  Basically work on snatch technique, behind neck snatch grip push presses and work up to a heavy 10 rep squat...dont that sound like fun?

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Jennifer Fader Scott said...

AWESOME Irv. Miss you. I've been at my cf class 6 am 3x a week now. Quite a change but it's helping me stay focused. Love following your progress. Let me know if you ever come West!