Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday 10312012 Happy Halloween WOD!

I was able to get off work today because of the Annual West Hollywood Halloween celebration!  It was great to be able to get out of work around 3PM and make the 5PM class at the Rosebowl.

This was my first..and apparently because of the time change will be the last.  It will simply get too dark to workout outside.  Yay and Boo at the same time.

Here is what we did:

RUN around the baseball field

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Side Shuffles


20 x Push Ups
20 x jump ups
8-12 x Rock Cleans (floor to chest)

3 rounds

Pull up practice

DONE!  Have a wonderful and candy filled Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday WOD - 10292012

Tonight's brutal was pain..but I think I did OK.  Maybe it was the free sample Pre Workout mix I had...I did feel decent tonight. is what we did:

Run around the block *the long route

30 sec each @ 50% then 75% then 100% effort
Air Squats
Sit ups
Jumping Jacks


45s ON
15s rest

60s ON
15s rest

75s ON
15s rest

90s ON
15 rest

60s ON
15 rest

3 exercises rotating
Combat Rope
5 x burpees, 10 x KB swings 25lbs KB

3 part wall balls (7x squat, 7x throw, 7x complete wall ball) = 15lbs ball

1 min rest in between each set.

60s Push Up Plank hold

Stretch/Cool down

This hurt...hurt so good.  Pretty crazy...everyone was gassed after.  Great workout nonetheless!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Funday WOD - 10282012

Been sick the last few days so I missed a couple workouts.  I posted, the best part of being sick is the "fake" weight loss...I had zero appetite for like 2 days and barely ate anything. I felt like crap and weak but I dropped some weight for sure!

Got my ass to the gym this morning and finally did the workout my coach sent over from last week.  Here goes.

Row 1k - 4:20 Slow and steady
Jump Rope - practice double unders and did 200 single unders

SNATCH - technique practice
I did a hang snatch into a squat so I guess it is a 2 part squat snatch or so.  This is something coach makes me do to get my technique done and to practice my squat with the weight over my head.

Bar x 5
65lbs x 5
95lbs x 5

Again, more practice getting weight over my head....
95lbs x 3, x5
115lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
155lbs x 2 *3rd rep was a FAIL...  =(

SQUAT - work to a heavy 10 reps
*again, practicing and focusing on depth and position.  This is obviously not for weight, more practice and technique.
155lbs x 5 *fail the rest...could not finish the full 10.

stretch...went on the back extension and stretched out my hamstrings and other parts of my legs.

as I was walking out I saw the scale and figured lets see how bad or good I have been since my cleanse?  As you may recall in August, I did a 5 day master cleanse and dropped about 12lbs in 5 days.  I ended at 220lbs.  So I stepped on...and...drum roll...


Not bad...right?

Pretty good for a Sunday I am pretty happy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday Night WOD - 10222012

Another great workout this evening at ASYLUM GYM in Old Town Pasadena.  As stated before Coach teaches here a couple days a week and it has been working out pretty well, except for parking which can be sketchy and with the holidays coming up, it will only get worst.  I guess I will deal with it when it happens....

I was feeling pretty crappy going in, I drank a pre workout drink, a sample coach gave me as a hey try it.  It tasted ok...but for some reason this evening it really made me nauseous .  I got through the workout luckily as my food from lunch stayed down.  It was weird I felt strong but felt like puking if that makes sense.  Anyways on to the work out.

Run - "long block" around the back of Old Town.
high knees
butt kicks
2 count fist push up x 5 x 2
superman hold x 30 sex x 3
hollow body bold x 30sec x 3

using a 35# plate through out each movement...
- overhead press
- weighted sit up
- squat jumps *no weight added
- plate swings

we did 30sec for each with a 2 min rest after each rotation.  We did 5 rounds in different varying combinations. This is an excellent HIIT (high intensity interval training) set...we were all spent after this.  SHEEESHE!!

*last 2 sets, we had to do a push up plank hold for 30sec-1min

Cool down...we did side planks, as well as stretching for upper body and legs....DONE!

going to rest tomorrow and hit the gym on Wednesday night to continue the WOD that was prescribed last week.  Basically work on snatch technique, behind neck snatch grip push presses and work up to a heavy 10 rep squat...dont that sound like fun?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday AM misty WOD - 10202012

Woke up this morning to clouds and drizzle. I did not hear bootcamp was cancelled so I went anyway.


We had a great time and running in COOL, FRESH, MISTY AIR was awesome.  It felt great and crisp and clean.  The park was not as crowded as usual since it was drizzle so we had more room and it was a good class.  Since we could not do much or any ground stuff..duh...wet floors?  We did A LOT of running.

Run lap (*short lap for me)

5 min laps AMRAP
30 x air squat
30 x walking lunges

4 min laps AMRAP
30 x air squat
15 x walking lunges
20 x pop ups/step ups (*modified burpee with a step up)

1 min as fast as you can lap
20 x air squat
15 x step up
30 x push ups

Stretch  DONE!

Good workout and again the weather was awesome!

Got home made myself a protein shake, took a COLD COLD to get my muscles and calorie burning going and I feel great.

Hoping to lift tomorrow to start the week off on a good foot!  Woohoo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday 10162012 WOD

I had to miss a workout this week so I supplemented by hitting a local LA FITNESS.  I went to the one in Hollywood which is on my way home. It worked out great.  I got there a little after 6PM and left around 730 and zero traffic getting home.  This may be the spot during the week when I need to get in.

Coach sent over the is what I worked on.

Row 1000m = 4:17


Work up to a heavy 2
95lbs x 10
135lbs (2 sets)

after that..take 60% of the max lift = 185lbs

3 deadlifts every minute for 10 mins at 185lbs!!!

I was supposed to work on snatch and behind the neck snatch grip push press but the gym was so crowded there was no room to move in there.  I just went to stretch, rumble roll and then headed home.  GREAT WORKOUT!!!

Shadowline Vinyl Install

I was able to take my car to my friend's house to get the chrome covered up in a matte black.  BMW made what is called a SHADOWLINE trim which is basically a black trim around the windows for the lower end models. The higher end cars got Chrome trim...which was supposed to be fancier.  But most enthusiast do not like the chrome and have it changed back to black or have it covered in vinyl.

I did I cannot afford to do it legit..with the real OEM parts...too pricey!

Please visit...STICKYICONS  for all your vinyl needs!  He does pro signage, car lettering as well as signage. He does not do full wraps yet, but for everything else he is the best.



It came out great.  It looks factory!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Big huge thanks to Krist at STICKY ICONS!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Ass Kicking 10082012

Went to Asylum for Coach's Monday went down like this:

RUN - 200m - 300m

15 x air squat
7 x push up
3 rounds of the above

Walk Out to Push Up Plank

Knees to Elbows
10 x both sides right and left

3 rounds of  = 5/10/15
35lb plate presses
35lb plate front squats
35lb plate swings

Plyo push ups x 8
Alternate hands positions

STATION WORKOUT - 1 min each 3 rounds
Mobility Ladder

Combat Rope
Wall Ball (20lbs)

Stretch - cool down

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday 10062012 WOD A and B

It has been a long week. Has to skip my mid week workout and basically took the whole week off.  It was rough.  So today I did my usual double workout...which I needed.  Here is what we did!

WORKOUT A - Boot camp at Park
Warm up jog around park (short loop)

Jog around park (short loop)
15 x tuck jumps

35 x air squats
3 rounds of the above

10 min AMRAP
7 x KB swings @ 53lbs
10 x  Burpee jumps over the KB
7 x Thrusters w 53lbs

3 min jump rope cool down

WORKOUT B - Strength/Technique
Jog around the block

PUSH PRESS x 2 into


  • bar
  • 65lbs
  • 95lbs
  • 115lbs
  • 135lbs
  • 155lbs
  • 165lbs
  • 185lbs
ATTEMPT at 205lbs!  FAIL!  ugh..I tried THREE TIMES!!! 

Sooo... disappointing...UGH! ARRGH!  I was mad and sad...I wish I would of pressed it.  It would of been a new PR for me!  Next time.

finish off the workout with

10 x good mornings = 65lbs/75lbs/75lbs

10 x GHD
3 rounds

Stretch and foam roll.