Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday WOD part 2 - 09222012

Here is the second part to my workout yesterday.

We did our usual lifting part heavy and part technique.  We split the day into a heavy 5 rep squat and then snatch technique to a heavy 2.  Here is how it went down:

Row 500m in 2:03

bar x 10 to stretch
95lbs x 7
115lbs x 7 (5 + 2 experiment with feet position)

Here coach had me move my feet way out...more out than usual.  Reason being was I needed to get to depth, get my hamstrings engaged and keeping my chest up.  I am "quad dominate" when I squat so to get more hip, ass and hamstrings involved I had to adjust my stance in the back squat.  We made this adjustment  for the rest of the reps.

135lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
175lbs x 3 = FAIL on the 4th.  *here I messed up and got too forward on my toes and lost the bar over my head. This is like the 3rd time I have ever lost the bar. Def a weird feeling when you realize you are going to drop it and cannot complete the lift.  Always jarring.

to make up for dropping the bar, coach had me finish with a clean and deep 5 rep on 135lbs.  As explained to me, the reason you DO NOT finish and leave it as is when you fail a lift is you need to reset not only your body but your mind.  You dont want to walk away with the bar dropping on you.  So you lessen the weight and do a few super tight clean and at depth reps to make yourself feel better.

SNATCH - technique w a 2 rep max while maintaining good form.
bar x 5 *here again, since we are working technique, I had to power snatch the weight over head, drop it, power snatch it up and then ride it down into an overhead squat.
75lbs x 5
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 2
135lbs x 2 and the 3rd was the is video.  Now...look I am not going into the Olympics anytime soon, but at least I got the weight up over head into a legit, legal text book definition snatch.  135lbs is still very heavy for me, so I am going to keep that weight moving forward until I can toss it around like GIRLS can do in Crossfit.  Pretty insane I see a 115lb GIRL...snatch 135 for warm about humbling. is the video...

Great workout...resting all day today, Sunday and class tomorrow with coach again....the never ending cycle begins again.

Happy Sunday peeps!

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