Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday WOD - 09172012

Yesterday's workout was at ASYLUM GYM in Old Town Pasadena.  A cool little semi private gym that has good equipment super clean and has a nice vibe.  My coach trains there a couple times a week so I have been trying to go on Mondays.

Here is what we did...

Jog around block, about half way around the whole city block.
4 count squat holds
Iso Push Ups with crab/spider leg movements

Air Squats x 15
Iso Push up with crab/spider leg x 7
3 rounds and increase squats x5 for each round = 15/20/25 push ups remain at 7

5 stations = 1 minute each, 1 min rest for 3 rounds
*everything is AMRAP

Wall Ball w/ 15lb ball
Weighted overhead lunges x 45lbs plate
Ball Slam w/ 15lb ball
Combat Rope
Push ups

Jump Rope x 100
15 x band assist pull ups or ring rows
15 x plate swings
3 rounds of the above


Great workout and the hour flew past....

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