Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Motivation - T Shirt time

I had to post a self esteem booster this morning.

Recently, with the closing of my gym and all the members spreading out everywhere and even figuring out what I was doing, it has been hectic.  WHERE AM I GOING TO WORK OUT?

Well, if you saw my previous posts I had a GREAT weekend of fitness.

The reason for this really is a self esteem boost. I have been having some friendly and no so friendly debates with gym friends and my coach on my fitness goals and where I am at.  We get into it...and I sometimes get is the BUT....there are some bright spots that CONFIRM to me I am doing the right thing...and on my terms and times.

On Saturday at the boot camp...I saw several previous gym members there that may have not seen me in a couple weeks to a couple months.  Guess what?  I received like THREE compliments...on HOW GREAT I LOOKED!  I was like really?  Trying to be humble and modest while on the inside I WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN!

I got some honest to goodness compliments...on how much weight I loss and how great I looked.  Yes...that makes you feel great!

So I was taking it all in...and then this morning as I was getting dressed...the best and most effective motivator is always going to be YOUR CLOTHES.

I work in a pretty casual office and my boss is out and I have no meetings this week so I am able to wear jeans and a t shirt....I put on a t shirt I have not worn in a bit.  It is a 2XL shirt my sister got for me in Hawaii.  It is an olive green short sleeved t by Hawaiian Style that says ALOHA across the chest.

As I put the shirt on..and walked out the door, I realized...WHY IS THIS SHIRT FEEL WEIRD ON ME? I am almost SWIMMING in this shirt.  I used to fit this shirt just fine...and now this shirt is TOO BIG!  What the heck?  This shirt is like 2-3 years old, I wore it often and it fit just fine...and this morning, as I am typing this, this shirt is simply TOO BIG NOW!  WOW!  The ALOHA graphic is supposed to be along the top of your the logo hovers across my nipples...the sleeves hang at my elbows and it simply looks "SLOPPY" on me.

So this is my blog and I can post about how my t shirt fits...and no one can say anything about it.

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Adney Adamaris said...

So what would your T-shirt say? What message are you sending to yourself and to the world?

Give some motivation message to all.