Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friends in High Places - CARS EDITION

It is nice to have friends that not only have good taste but the means to execute those tastes....I have been very lucky in my life to basically have good friends that have passion and $$$ to live the "dream" in all of my passions...people I can aspire to.  SHOES  - I have met some awesome sneakerheads that have collections that will make Jordan and Hatfield blush.  WATCHES - you have seen my other posts, from LA, NY to HONG KONG, if you want bling for your wrists I have big brothers that not only own a lot of watches but the best and more desirable ones.  Now we come to the last of the things I love in life...CARS.

If you have not checked out my homie Albert's blog you need to...

Albert Roxas

To say Albert is a car nut is an understatement.  Dude knows his cars, love them and is also a creative guy and is an excellent photographer in his own right with several published images throughout.  Put it this way, if I ever won the lotto and was shopping and spec'ing out my new ride, I would bring Albert with me.  He does all of this on the he has a day job too.  Anyways...I have been lucky enough to be around his "circle" and met a few of his friends that have become my friends...and these guys know cars...a bunch of these guys are into watches there is crossover.  Watches and Cars just go together.

Here are 2 videos from a recent CARS AND COFFEE romp...a bunch of the friends all got together for a morning drive.  This Go Pro is some serious business....great quality.  All these cars are LEGIT fake rentals or borrowed rides.  The homies dont play...

Part 1
Avengers Assemble

Part 2
Avengers Assemble part 2

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