Sunday, September 23, 2012


One of the new places my coach trains at during the week is at a place called ASYLUM GYM, which I posted about in a previous blog post.

One of the cool things they have there are COMBAT ROPES or BATTLE ROPES.

here is a video....MMA guys, military and LEO and other fitness peeps, football, basketball all do this training as well.  Trust me it is KILLER!

So last week I wanted some new POSER..."Facebook" pics.  And I knew a slick super edited Combat Rope pic would look great and make me poser-rific!  So I had one of my friends shoot a bunch of pics and I took the best ones and then played with them with a photo editor and got these...yes I am super cool in my own head! HA!





laugh away friends...laugh away.....

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