Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend WOD - 09292012 and 09302012

I had to split my workout this weekend.  I joined LA FITNESS for better or for worst.

I had no time to get all my workout done so I split is the deal...

Warm Up
row 1000m - slow for warmup 4:20

PUSH PRESS - build to heavy 5 touch and go in 10 min
bar x 10
95lbs x 10
 115lbs x 5
135lbs x 5
145lbs x 5
155lbs x 5

Had to leave....

Warm up
row 1000m -  slow for warmup 4:25

FRONT SQUAT 2 x 4  *going LIGHT and focus on technique
bar x 10
65lbs x 10
75lbs x 2
85lbs x 2
95lbs x 2
115lbs FAIL went back to 95lbs to finish x 2

with the treadmill OFF, get the treadmill rubber moving with your own this:
30 sec on  30 sec off.

Let me tell you that Treadmill push was BAD ASS!  Man what a great workout!  I loved it..and plan on using this in my rotation for warm or cool downs.

Finished up by stretching and using the rumble roller. Spent 10 mins on quads, calves and then went back on calves as that is a problem area for me.  Good day!

Now do I like the gym?  It is OK...I guess it is the exact opposite of BIM PASADENA.  At BIM, the joke as since I knew everyone it was so easy to be distracted.  You do one set and talk to a friend for 10 mins.  Here, I know NO I need to be really disciplined and get my workout done.  There is no one there to tell me to hurry up or to motivate.  I need to motivate myself....weird!

I will see how it goes...but the equipment is there and lots of stuff to choose from. Lots of room.  I do miss my old gym and everyone in it....

Sunday, September 23, 2012


One of the new places my coach trains at during the week is at a place called ASYLUM GYM, which I posted about in a previous blog post.

One of the cool things they have there are COMBAT ROPES or BATTLE ROPES.

here is a video....MMA guys, military and LEO and other fitness peeps, football, basketball all do this training as well.  Trust me it is KILLER!

So last week I wanted some new POSER..."Facebook" pics.  And I knew a slick super edited Combat Rope pic would look great and make me poser-rific!  So I had one of my friends shoot a bunch of pics and I took the best ones and then played with them with a photo editor and got these...yes I am super cool in my own head! HA!





laugh away friends...laugh away.....

Saturday WOD part 2 - 09222012

Here is the second part to my workout yesterday.

We did our usual lifting part heavy and part technique.  We split the day into a heavy 5 rep squat and then snatch technique to a heavy 2.  Here is how it went down:

Row 500m in 2:03

bar x 10 to stretch
95lbs x 7
115lbs x 7 (5 + 2 experiment with feet position)

Here coach had me move my feet way out...more out than usual.  Reason being was I needed to get to depth, get my hamstrings engaged and keeping my chest up.  I am "quad dominate" when I squat so to get more hip, ass and hamstrings involved I had to adjust my stance in the back squat.  We made this adjustment  for the rest of the reps.

135lbs x 5
155lbs x 5
175lbs x 3 = FAIL on the 4th.  *here I messed up and got too forward on my toes and lost the bar over my head. This is like the 3rd time I have ever lost the bar. Def a weird feeling when you realize you are going to drop it and cannot complete the lift.  Always jarring.

to make up for dropping the bar, coach had me finish with a clean and deep 5 rep on 135lbs.  As explained to me, the reason you DO NOT finish and leave it as is when you fail a lift is you need to reset not only your body but your mind.  You dont want to walk away with the bar dropping on you.  So you lessen the weight and do a few super tight clean and at depth reps to make yourself feel better.

SNATCH - technique w a 2 rep max while maintaining good form.
bar x 5 *here again, since we are working technique, I had to power snatch the weight over head, drop it, power snatch it up and then ride it down into an overhead squat.
75lbs x 5
95lbs x 5
115lbs x 2
135lbs x 2 and the 3rd was the is video.  Now...look I am not going into the Olympics anytime soon, but at least I got the weight up over head into a legit, legal text book definition snatch.  135lbs is still very heavy for me, so I am going to keep that weight moving forward until I can toss it around like GIRLS can do in Crossfit.  Pretty insane I see a 115lb GIRL...snatch 135 for warm about humbling. is the video...

Great workout...resting all day today, Sunday and class tomorrow with coach again....the never ending cycle begins again.

Happy Sunday peeps!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday WOD part 1 - 09222012

Morning Boot Camp went down like this....

Inch Worm

burpee with 2 push ups x 7
step up x 10
3 Rounds

air squats x 15
broad jumps
run back (increasing distance suicide style)
3 rounds

Push sled
Pull sled
db swing
2 min each
3 rounds

Cool down run

DONE...for now.  Part 2 coming up!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday WOD - 09172012

Yesterday's workout was at ASYLUM GYM in Old Town Pasadena.  A cool little semi private gym that has good equipment super clean and has a nice vibe.  My coach trains there a couple times a week so I have been trying to go on Mondays.

Here is what we did...

Jog around block, about half way around the whole city block.
4 count squat holds
Iso Push Ups with crab/spider leg movements

Air Squats x 15
Iso Push up with crab/spider leg x 7
3 rounds and increase squats x5 for each round = 15/20/25 push ups remain at 7

5 stations = 1 minute each, 1 min rest for 3 rounds
*everything is AMRAP

Wall Ball w/ 15lb ball
Weighted overhead lunges x 45lbs plate
Ball Slam w/ 15lb ball
Combat Rope
Push ups

Jump Rope x 100
15 x band assist pull ups or ring rows
15 x plate swings
3 rounds of the above


Great workout and the hour flew past....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday 2Fer - 09152012

Another great Boot Camp on Saturday!

It was even more special as my girlfriend was able to join us.  She had Saturday off so I was able to bring her and a bonus her friend also came.  Nice butt kicking for everyone.  Here is what we did:

run around park

Run 50 yards
20 air squats
Run back
15 sit ups
10 jumps/step up

3 Rounds of the above


Overhead weighted lunges - 8 x each leg
Burpee jumps x 12
Bear Crawl Back

Partner Workout
1 hold plank

1 shuttle runs w increasing distance



WOD PART 2 - O Lift Techniques
Warm Up Run around block
PVC Pipe stretch
Lunge Stretch, Groin Stretch, Spiderman lunge, Squat - 3 x

Row Rings x 10 for 3

Band Assist Pull Ups x 10 for 3

75# x 3  for 5 sets - strict technique


Thursday, September 13, 2012


WOD catch up - 09102012 and 09122012

I have not had a chance to post the workouts from Monday and here they are:

15 x sit up + 5 burpees  (3 rounds)

Slam Ball work

Slams - short and long using 15lb ball
Wall slams/side slams/wall bounce

Ground to overhead - using 20lbs ball

Combat Rope Work

singles / doubles
iso push ups using slam ball
30 secs each one for 5 rounds

Super man hold

WEDNESDAY Technique Day - SNATCH WORK  09/12
Warm Up - SLOW 1K row - 4:54
Stretch , stretch with bands, wrist and shoulders, PVC pipe

Strict Press
75lbs x 10
75lbs power clean to press x 5


75lbs x 5 (2 sets)
95lbs x 3 (2 sets)
105lbs x 2
115lbs x 2
115lbs x 2 (2 sets)
3 halt deadlift
3 floor to shrug
(work on flexibility and hook grip practice)

40 x ball slams using 30lbs ball (correct form, hips and legs)




I have always tried to DEFEND myself by saying sure I am a tad chubby...even "clinically obese" if you use the lame ass BMI formula.  But I FEEL great...and I know I am STRONGER, FASTER and MORE FUNCTIONAL across everything.  The above is a good article on those that may be carrying extra weight but are "Metabolically Fit" and pose no greater risks of heart disease and other things than a "skinny" person.

here are some key take aways from the article...

obese people were found to be at no greater risk of developing or dying from heart disease or cancer, compared with normal weight people, as long as they were metabolically fit despite their excess weight.

The finding runs counter to the prevailing wisdom that weight is in and of itself a marker of health; rather, it suggests that a person's level of physical fitness, in addition to his or her weight, matters too. “Weight is a major issue when it's combined with a metabolic abnormality,” says study co-author Dr. Timothy Church, director of the Laboratory of Preventive Medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge. “When you have weight plus insulin resistance, weight plus hypertension, weight plus abnormal cholesterol — then you have an issue. Obviously the more overweight and the more obese you are, the more likely you are to have a metabolic abnormality.”

So what exactly is going on? Being metabolically fit may be the game changer, says Church, and physical fitness — irrespective of weight — is a strong predictor of whether or not you're going to be metabolically fit. 

final thoughts...

The bottom line is that the new findings aren't an excuse to remain overweight or obese: although research increasingly suggests that excess weight alone may not necessarily lead to disease or early death, you're still more likely to develop other metabolic risk factors that contribute to chronic disease if you're overweight.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Motivation - T Shirt time

I had to post a self esteem booster this morning.

Recently, with the closing of my gym and all the members spreading out everywhere and even figuring out what I was doing, it has been hectic.  WHERE AM I GOING TO WORK OUT?

Well, if you saw my previous posts I had a GREAT weekend of fitness.

The reason for this really is a self esteem boost. I have been having some friendly and no so friendly debates with gym friends and my coach on my fitness goals and where I am at.  We get into it...and I sometimes get is the BUT....there are some bright spots that CONFIRM to me I am doing the right thing...and on my terms and times.

On Saturday at the boot camp...I saw several previous gym members there that may have not seen me in a couple weeks to a couple months.  Guess what?  I received like THREE compliments...on HOW GREAT I LOOKED!  I was like really?  Trying to be humble and modest while on the inside I WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN!

I got some honest to goodness compliments...on how much weight I loss and how great I looked.  Yes...that makes you feel great!

So I was taking it all in...and then this morning as I was getting dressed...the best and most effective motivator is always going to be YOUR CLOTHES.

I work in a pretty casual office and my boss is out and I have no meetings this week so I am able to wear jeans and a t shirt....I put on a t shirt I have not worn in a bit.  It is a 2XL shirt my sister got for me in Hawaii.  It is an olive green short sleeved t by Hawaiian Style that says ALOHA across the chest.

As I put the shirt on..and walked out the door, I realized...WHY IS THIS SHIRT FEEL WEIRD ON ME? I am almost SWIMMING in this shirt.  I used to fit this shirt just fine...and now this shirt is TOO BIG!  What the heck?  This shirt is like 2-3 years old, I wore it often and it fit just fine...and this morning, as I am typing this, this shirt is simply TOO BIG NOW!  WOW!  The ALOHA graphic is supposed to be along the top of your the logo hovers across my nipples...the sleeves hang at my elbows and it simply looks "SLOPPY" on me.

So this is my blog and I can post about how my t shirt fits...and no one can say anything about it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday WOD @ Fight Academy 09092012

Another great Sunday workout.

Today we did an "Open House" at my boy Savant's gym.

FIGHT ACADEMY in Pasadena. Unbiased...if you live in the area and want to learn LEGIT MMA, this is the spot.  Independently owned and operated by real fighters and trainers this place has it all.  They are the real deal.

The gym held 2 FREE classes, a XFit type conditioning class and then a kickboxing cardio class.  The xfit class was held by my coach trainer Brandon.   We had our asses kicked...great time for sure.


Run/Walk/Side Shuffle/Squat Steps
Inch Worm
Duck Walk
Burpee Jumps

STATIONS WORK - 90 sec at each station 3 rounds plus last round at 45 sec

  • Thrusters
  • Mix Station - tire flips, ball slams etc
  • Pull Ups (ok jumping pull ups)
  • Jump Rope
  • Burpee Squats
  • **Hold 1 min Plank in between sets
Cool Down stretch, hold deep squat, sit ups, seal stretch etc.

Good stuff...great workout!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday 09082012 WOD - 2 parter

I had a 2 part workout today.  I went to the park for a morning Boot Camp at a local park.

Funny when we were working out I felt like these 2 from BRIDESMAIDS!!


Run/Walk around perimeter of the park

wall ball
ground to overheard/overhead squat
kb swings/upright row

3 rounds of above

8 min AMRAP
10 x burpees
bear crawl 1 way
walking lunges 1 way

cool down run



LIFTING - Deadlifts and Bench

500m Row - 250 @ slow technique pace/250 @ 95% = 2:04

Straight leg deadlift for warmup
65lbs x 5 (2 sets)

Normal Deadlift

135lbs x 7
165lbs x 7
185lbs x 7
225lbs x 5
255lbs x 3
275lbs x 3
315lbs x 2
335lbs x 0 - FAIL

135lbs x 10

Fat Grip
165lbs x 10
225lbs x 3
225lbs x 5
245lbs x 2

Rumble Roller stretch of quads and hams


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friends in High Places - CARS EDITION

It is nice to have friends that not only have good taste but the means to execute those tastes....I have been very lucky in my life to basically have good friends that have passion and $$$ to live the "dream" in all of my passions...people I can aspire to.  SHOES  - I have met some awesome sneakerheads that have collections that will make Jordan and Hatfield blush.  WATCHES - you have seen my other posts, from LA, NY to HONG KONG, if you want bling for your wrists I have big brothers that not only own a lot of watches but the best and more desirable ones.  Now we come to the last of the things I love in life...CARS.

If you have not checked out my homie Albert's blog you need to...

Albert Roxas

To say Albert is a car nut is an understatement.  Dude knows his cars, love them and is also a creative guy and is an excellent photographer in his own right with several published images throughout.  Put it this way, if I ever won the lotto and was shopping and spec'ing out my new ride, I would bring Albert with me.  He does all of this on the he has a day job too.  Anyways...I have been lucky enough to be around his "circle" and met a few of his friends that have become my friends...and these guys know cars...a bunch of these guys are into watches there is crossover.  Watches and Cars just go together.

Here are 2 videos from a recent CARS AND COFFEE romp...a bunch of the friends all got together for a morning drive.  This Go Pro is some serious business....great quality.  All these cars are LEGIT fake rentals or borrowed rides.  The homies dont play...

Part 1
Avengers Assemble

Part 2
Avengers Assemble part 2

all credit goes to

Bikram Yoga virgin

Ahh...LOVE.  Love is a wonderful thing, it can be deep and sad and it can be super joyful and happy, sometimes all at the same time.  Love can also make you do things you normally wouldn't.  Like..say doing yoga in a hot ass room full of strangers as everyone is sweating in large puddles trying to do poses.  Yes...I had my FIRST  Bikram Yoga class tonight...90 mins of good sweaty fun.

Bikram Silverlake

I went to the above studio with my GF. She has been doing Bikram on and off for a few months and she has recently started to go more often.  She feels it gives her alot of benefits especially in the stress and anxiety in her life juggling work and school..and let's give her a break..she is dating if that isnt stress I dont know what is.  Anyways...she has always suggested I take a class with her and try it.  She knows some of the crap I deal with, inflexibility, stress from work for sure and detoxing some of the bad stuff I put in my body.  I promised her OK..I will go with you. Less about the benefits more because I want to do an activity with her because of yes, if we are sitting on the couch watching tv or sweating in a room, I am very happy to spend time with her.  *cue corny romantic music...awwww...

I did my research and had alot of people give me their opinions...both positive and negative.  I had to say they are all right.  What was my experience?  I did OK.  I mean I did very well for a first timer.  First the room is really hot...I mean really hot.  And it is humid in there...all part of the yoga.  The studio is the size of a  large living room..not too big but it is packed.  We had a full class which added to the extra heat in the room..all normal I am told.  Now apparently the Bikram style does the same moves everytime.  I would say out of all the moves I probably had real trouble with less than 7 and sitting out less than 5. I could do most at least partially.  Now I am super inflexible and super tight and probably need a good sweat this accomplishes all of that. I was able to hang for a good chunk of time before having to "take a breather" my GF was very impressed I did so well.  All part of what people told me about Bikram and what to expect from it.

I think there are several factors into why I did "so well" for my first time.

  • I have taken a few Yoga classes before, not a lot but there was a good 3-4 month stretch where I took a 1 hour class every week.  I sucked but I went so I was somewhat familiar with the poses and what they are trying to accomplish.
  • I have worked out before to the point where my body was drenched.  Back when I did FIGHT GONE BAD last year...that was the first time I ever sweated THROUGH a shirt.  My CNS (Central Nervous System) was freaking out, my whole body tingled like I was high, it was an amazing and scary feeling putting your body through that..where you sweat in places you never knew could sweat.  Bikram mimics your whole  body is dripping, I mean dripping with sweat. Because of my previous experience, I was ok doing moves as my whole body dripped.
  • I have had group classes before and KNOW to check my ego at the door.  I know what I can and cannot do and how much I can push myself, especially when it is something NEW.  This was the concern of my coach.  He warned me to not push it and hurt myself as I may get TOO WARM and over exert myself and pull something in there.  I am happy to say I pushed myself but safely and I did the class perfectly.
  • I was psyched up.  Several people were warning me and almost scaring me...that I was super prepped mentally..that when I first walked in..I was actually OK.  It is exactly like when someone tells you about how funny or scary a movie walk in with expectations...and then the movie doesn't deliver.  So after being warned over and over again I was expecting much worst.

Now..what do I have to say to a newb?  Like someone that is 100% new to Bikram?  I would have to agree with my coach.  I would recommend taking "regular" yoga classes first.  Bikram is no is definitely a SHOCK and if you have NEVER done any strenuous exercise at all....and I mean kick ass exercise, I would say PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  The heat in that room can knock you out. You can faint and pass out if you dont know what or how to deal with the intense heat and humidity.  I truly think the concerns are valid to a total newb.  You have to be careful in there and take as many breaks as you want and do not over exert yourself...trying to keep up.  You have not done it long accept the fact you need to be careful and take it slow and you should be OK.

I will admit the HIGH you feel once you are done is there and you FEEL IT.  Again, similar to doing 100 burpees and rowing 5000m whatever...when your whole body is engaged and you are dripping from every part of your skin...that feeling of when you are done and all those chemicals are firing in your body....this mimics it.  Again, not exactly the same thing but close enough. I walked out of there in a completely drenched wifebeater, shorts and boxers soaked through...and when the night air hit me...I felt crazy alive.  I did feel like I just crushed a WOD and everything was tingling a little.  I know I am going to sleep very well tonight...very well.  I can see Bikram being excellent 1st thing in the morning and last thing before bed....I can see how it can relax you and just give yourself a reset.

Now..will I do it again?  Maybe..and let's be honest if my GF wants us to go again..I will. I think 2xs a week is good...the studio she goes to has a $45 a month intro I may do that so I can go with her for at least a month. We shall see...again, LOVE will make me sweat in a room of strangers and maybe help my flexibility for everything else.  Worst case I definitely sweat out A toxins and a 'detox' is definitely has to...when you sweat that much.

Oh yes..coconut water taste sooo good after this...and it did hydrate me quickly.  Good suff.

More to come if I do this again.... 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The End - Bodies In Motion Pasadena

Friday, August 31, 2012 was the last official day of business for the Pasadena location of BODIES IN MOTION located on Arroyo Parkway right off the 110 Freeway.

Pretty sad...there has been a lot of chatter and facebook messages and get togethers and discussion about where the "community" will be going and where all the trainers are going etc etc many things.

I just wanted to blog a post and go over how this gym literally saved my life. sounds very dramatic but this gym, this specific location and all the people in it and around it and people I have met and worked out with, hung out with socially etc etc...have all touched me and SAVED MY is my story.

Some details and facts may be incorrect as I try to remember everything...but I will do my best to go through everything.

I guess it all started when I was working in Mid Wilshire. I was working for Comcast Ent Group, so they have E! and Style and G4.  I was working for G4TV.  Right in the lobby of this building was a gym. A small one..but hey it was a gym.  This was the mid Wilshire location of BODIES IN MOTION. I figured man, I should really work out and do something, I mean it is literally in my building, no excuses right?  Plus with afternoon traffic in that area it made sense. I mean I could leave my office at 6 exactly and get home around 7-715PM.  OR...I can go downstairs and workout for an hour...leave at 7 and be home BEFORE 8.  Closer to 745 and sometimes 730.  The math made with a corporate disco being a building employee it made sense.  So I joined.  I was doing the usual stuff. lifting weights, thinking I was in Jail or something doing very he-man workouts.  Back and Bi, Chest and Tris and shoulders and some legs..not alot.  I saw they are kickboxing...and I used to dabble in that so I began taking KB classes there too 2xs a week.  Had fun, it made sense, after work workouts everything was GREAT!  This was 2008-2009.

Then it happened...I got layed off.  On October 2009, I was laid off.  No job, no gym...but to cancel I needed to give 30 days so the gym would still squeeze 30 days off of you.  I made friends over here and the manager was nice to me and said. since you are no longer working here, why not just go to another location I will hook it up..and you can finish the final month at another BIM.  OK...where are your locations?  PASADENA!  YAY!  BOOM...done.

I remember walking in on a BIM.  I walked in and working the front desk was this "kid" with spiky was SARO!!!  Saro let me in...I had to explain everything to him about my membership...he was like yah need to talk to JOANNA...who is not here right now, but you can go workout.  YAY!  So I worked out..and came back to talk to this JOANNA chick about my membership....

Fast forward...and Joanna works her magic and I now have a one month membership to Pasadena BIM.  I begin working out...coming in whenever...and doing the same same same.  Then one evening, while coming in...a trainer/sales lady approached was SAMMI. She was sooo cool and super nice and she told me I needed to try her class on Wednesday night at 530pm.  It was a cross training style class, she promised me lots of fun and activities and nothing boring.  I told her sure I will...yeah right...I aint taking no stupid classes! Now my month was ending..and I began to get used to the gym.  Actually liking it...I was making friends with the front desk...SARO, SILVIA, ANGIE and yes the GM...IRMA.  Irma and I hit it off..and I had to let her know I may not be able to stay at the gym since I was jobless and could not afford the membership.  Needless to say, Irma did some of her infamous accounting and was able to get me a rate I could work with.  Saro, Silvia and Joanna has had to help me along the way when this "creative" accounting would pop up...and not work out so well.  Anyways...I became a member...and voila.  So Sammi...helped me with the deal that Irma brokered and she made me promise to take one of her classes.  I DID and I LOVED IT.  DONE AND DONE!  I began going every Wednesday and then started taking Kickboxing with DEBBIE..and then with STEPHEN...and it snowballed.

This was during a pretty dark time in my career.  Since 2007 to now...5 years?  I have been layed off 3 times with each lay off lasting over a year. I was on unemployment and just scraping by...and you know what kept me SANE?  THE GYM.  The gym..where I had a feeling of belonging.  Where I knew I had to be there for Debbie's KB class or my fellow classmates would give me crap, or they would all gang up and say hey where were you?  Then when a tall cocky trainer named SCOTT took over Sammi's class.  I was a little nervous at first, I dont know this guy, is he going to be as fun as Sammi? Does he know what he is doing?  This sucks!  I want Sammi back!  Fast forward...Scott became one of best friends of that gym instantly.  We got each other's sense of humor and he would always push me and workout with me. We even created a new drink...the MUD JUICE..still famous to this day.  Apple,Carrot,Spinach, Kale,Chard and lime.  We used to grab one after class and talk shit all the time.  Again the momentum was growing.  I was getting better and more consistent...and feeling and looking better.  THE COMMUNITY was there.

Then one day...2 years ago...2010 probably?  I have always had foot problems.  Doctors thought I had Gout and this and that. I was taking meds and had $300+ orthodics and still I had pain.  I was finally diagnosed with acute arthritis in BOTH feet.  I would get pain on the top of my foot, the achilles and heel spur.  Yeah 3 places on BOTH feet.  So one day as I was limping into the gym to work CHEST since I could not walk...a gruffy bear in the gym..that never talked to anyone...asked me...hey whats wrong with your foot?  I explained and he shook his head and was like what are you doing for it? I explained...he was like umm..yeah you need to do this this this and that..and dont do this or that. Then walked away with his client.  I was like...really?  Who is this dude?  You guessed it...BRANDON.  So like a fly on shit, I started stalking him and asking him more stuff about my foot.  I finally got a meeting with him off site.  He agreed to meet me at the Starbucks above the gym and go over my foot as well as talk about some PR/Marketing ideas/strategies.  I was also doing this for Irma and BIM...and nothing ever happened.  But Brandon had some bigger plans and ideas and wanted to just ask me on some strategies for PR, and more importantly social media etc.  Stuff I do all day every day for work.  So we met.  We talked and talked..and he said simply.  YOU NEED TO STRENGTHEN YOUR FEET!  Duh...ok.  And so that began the threeway love affair between ME, Brandon and Scott.  Everyone make fun of me..and exercise at the same time!

So much has happened in the 3 years I was a member...I will just bullet point it since man, I cannot write about it...

  • I eventually got a job, one that I have been at ever since.
  • I did my first "athletic event" ever in my life thanks to Brandon
  • I have lost about 20-25lbs since I started
  • I am much stronger, faster, functional and powerful than ever before
  • Weekly workouts between me, Brandon and Scott and then making others do it to...just because.
  • My knowledge of exercise has grown just by being around people that know and experience.
  • I found my new girlfriend thanks to the gym and the people. (Thank you Epic Donut Night)
  • I hung out with a gym friend IN HONG KONG! (shout out to Doris!)
  • So many lunch buddies and Christmas cookies and just genuine friends, friends and more friends
I owe BIM, Pasadena a lot.  Of where I am now, career wise and love wise and HEALTH WISE.  I have some great people that are like minded and hopefully be around for a while longer so we can all grow together.

I will miss the gym, I will miss the classes, I will miss the community...but I hope to never ever miss the PEOPLE of Pasadena BIM.

I am sure I have forgotten other stories and highs and lows but these are what popped into my head now.  It has been a strange and wonderful journey indeed.  Looking forward to see what else is going to happen.

here are a couple pics from the last workouts...

 FINAL FRIDAY 8/31 WORKOUT W BRANDON -  yes we had over 40 people running around the gym like a bunch of crazies.  IT WAS FUN!!!

Aren't we sexy?

Labor Day Sunday WOD - 09022012

Sunday workout...before LABOR DAY!

Row 1K - 4:24 (slow...just a warm up)

WOD - Squat and Presses

Bar x 10
95lbs x 8
115lbs x 8
135lbs x 8
155lbs x5
185lbs x 5
205lbs x 3
215lbs x 3


95lbs x 5
115lbs x 4 (2 press, 2 push press)
135lbs x 1
155lbs x 1
170lbs x 1

20 x Burpee w extra push up -  2 min cap
DONE - 1:34
This was harder for obvious reasons. Basically you do a normal burpee but on the down part where you chest hits the floor, you have to do another push up then jump up.  So think of..standing straight up, hips open, you go down, chest hits the floor, you push up, then you drop back down on the floor again, then push up then pull your hips up knees in and stand...that is ONE.  I had to do 20 in 2 mins.