Thursday, August 30, 2012

Push Jerk - new PR!!!!

Last night was my "technique day" over at my coach's garage.

I got there early so I rowed a 2K to warm up.  The space was warm already so it was nice to get loose and ready for some lifting.  I did the 2k a lot slower because my feet were slipping out of the straps.  SUCKS. I was doing very well.  Finished in 8:55 which again is slow.

So I worked on the PUSH JERK.  Now my goal is still to get 200lbs over my I am slowly working on it.

examples of the PUSH JERK

Last night I reached a new PR or Personal Record!  My previous was 165lbs.  Last night...

180lbs x 2

soooooo happy!  200 is close...last night I felt good.  I felt strong.  I cannot wait to hit my goal lift.

I need to continue to practice my clean and snatch as well....soon, very soon!

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