Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Neera Cleanse - A month later

It has been a month now since I did my fast/master cleanse/Neera cleanse.  I started the fast on Aug 3 and finished on the 8th.  Today is a I a huge fat mess?  Well...not really.

Just to recap...I started the fast at 232lbs. I finished at 220lbs. A total of 12 lbs lost.

I have been keeping a calendar of my weight. I used a "reference" time to take my weight during the fast so I tried to keep it that way. I basically weighed myself every morning, after I pooped, showered and brushed my teeth.  Here are my records....from the beginning:

8/3 - 232lbs
8/4 - 228lbs
8/5 - 226lbs
8/6 - 223lbs
8/7 - 221lbs
8/8 - 220lbs

Rest of month.....
8/10 - 222lbs
8/14 - 223lbs
8/15 - 221.8lbs
8/18 - 221 am/ 220.8 pm (weighed in the morning for reference then weighed again in evening)
8/19 - 220.8 lbs
8/20 - 226lbs  pm weigh in - after a work trip to SF where I ate A LOT...I ate too much...gross!
8/21 - 222.6lbs
8/22 - 223.8lbs pm
8/23 - 224.6lbs pm
8/24 - 221.8lbs
8/25 - 221lbs
8/27 - 222.6lbs
8/28 - 226.2lbs pm
8/29 - 223lbs

So in one month, I have been able to maintain my weight loss to just 3lbs over my cleanse weight not bad.  I have definitely not ate great and had some bad cheat days.  Rice and French Fries here and there. But no soda and nothing too bad.  Not great but not too bad.

I really hope to stay at this weight....around 220-225.  My workouts have been tougher, I have lost some strength for sure.  I hope to get it back when I begin training hard again.  We shall see how that goes.

As I go into September...I am going to try a couple of things.

I am going to do some Herbalife supplements, I am going to try some Bikram or HOT YOGA and I am going to experiment with some INTERMITTENT FASTING.  I have been reading this FREE EBOOK
and I am going to do the weekly fast. I think that will work with my lifestyle the best.

Herbalife - I am going to be taking their AM/PM 21 day cleanse of course this is not a true cleanse...but it does have herbs that will help digestion and poop function.  I am going to try this for the month and see how it goes.  I will also be drinking a nice glass of water every morning of this ALOE.  Basically all of this is the help your digestion and help you eliminate waste.  Not bad for you and it is all natural herbs.

BIKRAM - I have done regular yoga before.  But never the HOT yoga.  My GF swears by it and I can see it being good for my arthritis and my joints and tight muscles which is a cause of my pain.  So I am going to take some classes with my girl and do it together!  That should help motivate and bring us closer!  So win win!

INTERMITTENT FASTING - I have decided that I will simply not eat once a week.  I have chosen a MONDAY.  Every Monday in September (after labor day) I will simply not eat.  Drink water and tea etc...nothing else. Monday works for me as I train on the weekends and eat the most then, so Monday is my rest and I can easily not eat.  I figure after my family dinner on Sunday night say 9PM I will not eat again until Monday 9PM.  That's it...very simple.  This technique is something you need to research.  Do not just you can GAIN WEIGHT.  the body goes into starvation you need to have already fasted or have been eating very clean.  So read up on it before you try it.  I cant get into read read read before trying this stuff!

Let's see how it goes as we end summer and move into fall!  I will of course update the blog as usual and let you know what is going on!

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