Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Neera Cleanse - FINISHED!! Recap

YAY!  I did it...5 days!  This morning I actually had "breakfast!" It was 20oz of 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 water!  It tastes sooooo gooood! hahahaa...

OK after my usual morning poo...which was a tad more "exciting" thanks to that "devil tea" I drank last night, more on that later here is my final weight after the 5 day fast.

220lbs TOTAL OF 12 TWELVE POUNDS!!!!! 

I starting on Friday 8/3 morning at 232lbs....

OK so not too bad.  Here are my thoughts...and I will be repeating myself a little...I basically have 3 take aways from this.....

1 - I still LOVE FOOD.  I said this in a previous read other people's reaction and experience and you here all these proclamations..."oh I cant even look at a hamburger!"  "fried chicken looks so gross!"  "I dont want to put any fat in my stomach now!"  "I feel so clean and green!" blah blah blah...


I swear..give me a chili cheese burger, chili cheese fries and a large orange bang from any greasy burger spot in LA right now and I will DEVOUR IT.  RIGHT NOW.  The whole effect of losing the taste for something was not what I experienced.  Your mileage may vary.  Do I wish I lost some interest in the bad food I love to eat?  Maybe...but man a nice bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or a portos cubano and potato balls would be sooo good right now.  Even some BBQ...woodranch? or lucille's or even my local spot Gus' sounds so yeah..I am still interested in eating good ass food.

BUT....which brings me to #2 key learning

2 - Discipline. I know now I do NOT have to eat that RIGHT NOW.  Just that mental note that YES I CAN HAVE IT...just NOT NOW.  I am definitely going to work on my willpower and discipline moving forward.  It is Monday night, had a long day at is 730PM after an hour drive home...I swear I want THE HAT...but nope. I should not only SAVE MONEY but go home and eat something better for me...and wait until end of week or after a couple gym trips etc...just not now.  I can have it later.  I can wait.  What I learned in these 5 days with food is PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE and to a smaller extent WILLPOWER.  I can chill...and eat bad maybe once a week or once a month.  I will save it to go out with my GF and have an AWESOME meal...with those weeknights....we can have salad or soup or some veggies and a protein something...anything than a heavy burger and fries.

3 - the MENTAL GAME...for some 5 days is nothing. I have a colleague here that did this cleanse for 10 days....HELL NO.  But for was as much a mental challenge as it was a physical one.  I was good...I do give some credit, heck a lot of credit to my foot pain.  Blessing maybe..that all this pain in my Achilles making me limp around for the week really took away from the hunger pangs that maybe I would have had normally?  Who knows...all I know is I was able to make it through the last 5 days keeping my mental focus and "eyes on the prize" thought process.  I am 12 lbs lighter and cleaner because of it.

last a PSA...that damn SMOOTH MOVE tea is the DEVILS TEA! OMG!  Why would any human create this horrible horrible tea!  OMG...I do feel sorry for people that are constipated...I would never wish this on anyone...I drank ONE cup of that tea last night...around 830PM.  I was in the bathroom 3 times since then...remember I have not eaten since Friday!  Talk about a last flush out...I am totally FLUSHED OUT...literally and figuratively.  IT IS GROSS AND HORRIBLE...ugh.  That tea is the devil...if you ever want to hurt someone really bad...and they are tea drinkers...slip some of this crap and it will ruin your enemies day.  Talk about true domestic terrorism....mix this tea into someone's is over.

Overall it was an interesting experience....such a first world problem...ugh.

I will say the whole tastebud thing...and how things 'taste better' is true.  So I am drinking this watered down orange juice...and it tastes just like 100% orange juice.  You know usually, even when you put ice or some water in the juice you can taste it...this morning I am drinking this and I cannot taste any watered down at all.  Weird...I will see how the carrot and orange juice I plan to get will taste later....

I will be making a veggie soup tonight for me and my GF.  I am using Trader Joe, organic, low sodium, gluten free chicken broth as a base.  Going to grab some carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and some broccoli and make me an awesome soup.  Excited about that for sure!

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