Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 5 LAST DAY!!!

Today is the last day!  I can finally start eating/drinking something other than that damn lemonade and water. Cannot wait!

Weight check this morning....


yes, that is ELEVEN pounds total lost since Friday (day 1).

Not too bad huh?  I will weigh myself one more time tomorrow AM and see if anything drops off tonight.

As for what I am going to eat tomorrow?  Nothing...I can drink some stuff.  So the plan..as discussed with my coach yesterday is this...

first day back I will have some diluted orange juice in the morning. I have to make it 50/50 so it doesnt mess up my stomach.  For lunch I will probably grab some coconut water and for dinner I will have the veggie soup that I blogged about in day 3.

Second day back which would be Thursday I can have more juice in the AM and for lunch I can go ahead and have some salad with a little protein in it.  For dinner same thing light light light...mostly veggies and most likely a salad.  I think I will get my favorite Trader Joe salad the SUPER SPINACH...if you all dont know that salad...go get it.  You will not regret it..it is super yummy and super good for you.

Third day...which is FRIDAY!!!  I can finally eat some more "normal" meals...def keeping it light.  For dinner I am allowed to have a larger amount of protein with veggies...basically for the next week or 2, I need to stay off heavy carbs, no breads or rice (I AM GOING TO DIE).  I can have lean protein and veggies and fruit....and liquid stuff, like veggies/green juices from Whole Foods etc.

Just gotta ease my way into regular food.

As for my foot, it is still hurting me. I actually CANNOT WAIT to be able to take some sort of food in my system just so I can take some medicine.  I need to walk normally and this icing and stretching crap is not helping. I need meds...I need some aleve to get rid of this pain so I can be normal.  Ugh..I swear that has been the WORST part of this damn fast.  I can barely be hungry...when I cannot walk and my foot hurts!  So for better or worst I did this 5 days of NOT EATING and can show at the minimum a 10lbs drop in weight.

More tomorrow...with a full recap.

oh yeah..the morning Poo...same same..all normal and the same.  I may drink some SMOOTH MOVE tea tonight to get a final flushing out...on my last day...but not sure if I am going to do it.

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