Monday, August 6, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 4 Back to Work

Here we are day 4 dear readers and same report. All is well. I am doing just fine.  Definitely feeling more tired and less energy but not as bad as I thought.  Maybe I made too big a deal of it before I started and it is not that bad?

Morning weigh in....drum roll please


for those keeping score it is 9lbs total from Friday.

Morning poop was "normal" again it feels like a blast of gas but no solid waste. Just runny diarrhea and a "cloudy bowl"  same as it has been for the last 2 days.  I am guessing I am NORMAL...since I still poop every morning same as I always do.

I have to say...I think at least 50% of me handling the fast...has to go to my foot pain.  What started as a tingle in my right Achilles on Friday to full blown tendinitis on Saturday...and today where it is noticeably swollen and red and tender to the touch.  I think this damn pain has been a major distraction.  Being unable to walk normally...unable to stand and even sitting down and feeling pain...really helps take away my hunger pangs.  Even as I type this at my desk at foot is throbbing.

Usually, at the first sign of this, I pop my favorite candy aka ALEVE....and I am good to go.  But because of this fast I have to kind of try my best to work through this.  All Sunday, I was icing, and having my dear GF massage my calves and help me rotate my foot to stretch out the tendon.  I went to sleep last night with a heat patch on and plan on icing again when I get home.  This just SUCKS.  Coach says maybe this flare up is part of the detox. As my body is removing and detoxing it is making my arthritis kick in.  Sounds reasonable.  Hoping that after this I will less flare ups.

One thing...I have to say.  Some people have said this fast will help BREAK your mental/emotional addiction to food.  I have to say I do not think it is my experience.  I am simply showing mental strength and planning ahead.  I am literally making a list of things and places I want to go eat as soon as I can make it.  I will say the putting off for a cheat day, where before I would just eat much better.  I know I dont need it NOW.  I know I can have it later...maybe after a good workout or something.  What I have learned and what I taught my body is the immediate satisfaction.  We are sooo spoiled in America and living in LA specifically.  I can literally...literally eat ANYTHING I WANT within 30 mins living in LA.  You want Chinese? Mexican? Ethiopian? Indian? Burgers? Ice Cream? you can get it IMMEDIATELY.   So what this fast has done so far is really helped me push stuff away, knowing I can have it later.  Tim Ferris in his book THE 4 HOUR BODY  that is one of this things. Giving yourself a cheat day.  That way you can do your best 6 days a week and just know that ONE day this week you can have that donut or whatever you crave.  That is my take away so far...I dont need to eat that burger NOW...I can wait and keep it as a treat. But the whole idea of "being grossed out" with bad food or NOT wanted to eat meat and grease after a cleanse has not been my experience.  Here I am at 4 days with no food, and take me to THE HAT and I will devour a pastrami sandwich, large orange bang and wet fries right 9:50AM.  I will eat it now and smile. I said I know I can wait...and I dont have to satisfy my craving can wait, I CAN WAIT.

So my GF lost 6 lbs since Saturday..she is super motivated now.  She was going to only do 3 days as she was feeling weak and was going to 3 days and that is it.  But after her weigh in she is super happy and will go the whole 5 days.  We agreed on a new "lifestyle" when it comes to food.  WE BOTH NEED TO SAVE we have agreed, to TRY...of course these are just outlined goals, there is going to be changes.  But we are going to try our best to COOK AT groceries and simply eat IN. We will allow one meal a week to be "bad."  Maybe we make a pizza or have pasta etc.  One semi cheat meal...nothing too bad but something we can enjoy with no guilt.  Maybe my "famous" Turkey Meatloaf or my GF makes some excellent Huaraches from scratch.  Meals like that...where it we have some wiggle room.  Then we will schedule ONE OUTSIDE MEAL...a restaurant that we will pick out and go to and ENJOY.  NO GUILT and order DESSERT and everything.  We already have a few places on our list.  Only going out to eat ONCE a month...will be our ultimate cheat meal.  That is the plan anyway....

Sorry this post was so long...but I just wanted to share everything that is going through my mind at this moment.  Sitting here as my foot is throbbing. I just want to go home and ice and watch TV and drink my damn NEERA LEMONADE....which now that I have "perfected" my recipe tastes OK.  I am sipping it now!

OK more day.

ps. On Wednesday I can eat again...see once a fatty always a fatty.  I know exactly what I am going to get for dinner.  An old friend's family owns this Thai restaurant in Eagle Rock, Classic Thai and they have to best "house soup."  It is flavorful and you can have it with tofu, or veggie or combo with shrimp and little chicken wontons.  A bowl of that sounds deeelish and is perfect for my "first meal!"

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