Sunday, August 5, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 3

Good Morning folks!

Another night and morning of this fast/cleanse and all is well. Same as before I definitely feel "empty" but my hunger is appeased by this drink. I finally made a batch that was "good." The first 2 I just put too much pepper.  So for anyone making this...please chill out on the cayenne pepper.  You may think you can handle it or you need more but trust me a tiny bit goes a long way. I know now how much to put in where the drink is actually pretty good.  I am going to use limes for the next batch for a change.

This morning's poop was again pretty liquid. Best way to describe is "loose" just a "cloudy" bowl is the best way to describe it.  You feel the pangs of having to go but then you sit down and it seems like just gas/air comes out of you.  Very weird.  After my poop I weighed myself again..


another 2 pounds from yesterday, a total of 6 pounds since Friday.

So far I can my experience has not been too harsh, maybe I built it up in my head.  Sure I am tempted, I am making a mental list of where I want to eat when I can....but so far I can pass by food, watch food network and I am OK. The drink does work as an appetite suppressant.  I drink water and when I feel hungry I drink the stuff and no longer feel hungry. I am not struggling as much as I thought I would or expected I would.  A true test will be this afternoon.  I am going to celebrate my best friend's son's bday.  He is turning 6.  They are throwing a BBQ and I cannot eat anything...ugh.  We shall see how this afternoon goes....  My GF has survived day 1. She did this cleanse before and she has had a harder time of it.  I guess GIRLS are def more emotional, she always got cranky when she was this is a good refresh for her to chill out and relax and not let this hunger pangs dictate her emotions.

FOOT PAIN - so as of yesterday's post, my right Achilles has been giving me pain.  It is inflamed, a little swollen and tender to the touch. It was PAINFUL...and last night I could not l sleep.  I awoke at 430AM and could not walk, the pain was unbearable, it hurt to move my foot under the covers.  So I made an executive decision and took ONE Aleve pill and lots of water.  I usually take 3-4 Aleves for my pains, I take them like tic tacs, but I know my stomach is empty so I only took one and hoped for the best.  This morning the pain is still there but A LOT BETTER.  I am going to ice it and massage my calf later today. Maybe before I head to the party, but definitely when I get back.  That one pill helped so much...I can at least walk now.  I hope it gets better by this evening, as I have to go to work tomorrow and will need to be MOBILE!

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