Saturday, August 4, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 2 actually this post is about day 1 PM and day 2 AM.

I will have to say initial impressions are the lemonade concoction does work to suppress appetite. I felt "empty" but not hungry if that makes sense.  The pepper and lemon I think really acts to take away hunger. I got home drank some more of the stuff and went to sleep just fine, no pains no hunger, it was OK.  My GF came over and decided she wanted to do this cleanse with me.  She is starting today.  I made another batch to share with her and we shall see how we do this together.

This morning I got to sleep in!!!  I woke at around 730AM went and took a loooooong pee. Like crazy Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own type pee. I think I peed for like 2 mins straight or longer it was pretty weird.  All yellow which is a good thing.  I kinda felt like I was gassy and wanted to fart...but then it felt like it was a poop. So I went to poop. It was def gassy and loose.  Not diarrhea per se but just loose, as expected as I have not eaten for a day. I am also for being so graphic, but if you are following along I am guessing you are considering it or have done this cleanse so this is not new to you and I want to be honest all the way.  After my poop I jumped on the scale...


 that is a total of 4 pounds lost from yesterday....I was at 232 same time yesterday.

I went back to sleep to enjoy my day off..and woke up again at 1015am and starting blogging.  I had to miss class this morning, no working out as I cannot use all my energy from training, I am allowed to do light walks etc but no exercise for the duration.

I am not hungry this morning. I am not sure if it is the fast or just my normal routine as I am hardly ever hungry in the AM. I can wake up go to work and not eat until mid morning or lunch pretty easily.  I will def know more tomorrow AM.  But as of this blog post I am feeling rested and not hungry at all.

side note...people who know me, know I have bad foot pain. I just have bad feet. Arthritis in both of my flat feet.  Being heavy doesnt help either.  So I get pain in one of 3 spots.  My Achilles heel, my heel spur or the top of my feet. These pains happen whenever and switch feet.  It is totally random.  Usually I take an Aleve and its all good.  My right achilles heel starting to hurt yesterday. I got home iced it and have been painfully stretching it all night and morning.  I hope it goes I cannot take any meds right now....ugh.  Let's hope for the best...I can walk and stuff just not very well.  Maybe after I lose some more weight this issue will go away? 

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