Friday, August 3, 2012


It is 12:00PM on a Friday.  I am taking the first step in the NEERA CLEANSE.  Here is some more info from the official site...

You all may know this as the "Beyonce" diet or the "Master Cleanse."  It is the same thing except this is the updated version...the 2.0 master cleanse if you will.  Why?  It is all about the syrup.

Madal Bal Syrup

So this $50 supposed to be the BEST..the most "optimized" for this cleanse.  But is the same thing you have all heard about or some of you have even tried.

5 days...NO SOLID FOOD.  Only DRINK THIS LEMONADE and water or light teas.  No caffeine, no nothing.

I have been advised to NOT exercise, I can do light walking etc, but during the 5 day I need to chill and let my body release all the crap inside and focus on digestion etc.

I started the morning off per usual with a poop and shower, brushed my teeth..and weighed myself.  I am going to weight myself every day during the cleanse..this morning..I am:


So why am I doing this?  I would think if ANY OF YOU KNOW ME...let's just say I can stand to skip a few meals right? Let's be honest....

I have been doing VERY WELL in my exercise and progressing on my weight loss. I have been VERY happy, but some have mentioned that maybe I need a kick in the butt to drop some more pounds and therefore improve in the rest of my athletic goals.  I have been dabbling in Crossfit and mixed training now for a little over a year. I do not subscribe to all of the crossfit stuff but I do enjoy the workouts and I LOVE the improvements I have seen. The movements that I was unable to do let alone know what they were,  I can do now.  Also do to Crossfit, I have been exposed more to Olympic Weight Lifting.  Yes I am keeping up with the Olympics alot...GO CHINA!  So for me to be a better crossfitter and lifter, I need to lose some more fat so I can be stronger and more efficient in moving weight.  I have 2 small-ish goals this year...

SNATCH a legit 135lbs easily and clean.
PRESS 200+lbs over my head.

So with those goals...dropping a few pounds would be nice as well.

I have spoken to a few people about this fast and have learned alot.  I have heard about the breaking the addiction to food and how great your skin and body feels etc etc.  Who knows...I just know I want me some Pastrami from the Hat or an In n Out double double.

Truthfully it is 1:03PM and I am not hungry. I could eat...but I am not as hungry as I thought I would be.  I am going to try and blog as much as I can as I go through this.  I hear day 1 and 2 are the worst and everything gets much easier in day 3-5.  We shall see...wish me luck and let's see how this goes!

oh yeah..I put too much pepper in this first batch..UGH!  It is spicy!


borracho13 said...

Congrats on your first step to a healthier you! I look forward to hearing your POSITIVE words duing your cleanse. Keep it up!

Irving Der said...

Thank you! I will try my best!

Jessica Ward-Ramirez said...

Keep up the good work. Remember what your goals are and how reaching them will make you feel!

Jessica Ward-Ramirez said...

Keep up the good work Irving. Remember how great it will be to reach and maintain your goals!