Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday WOD - 08182012

YAY!  Happy Birthday Coach Brandon!!

Yes, today is Brandon's we had a nice full class and even a fruity healthy treat afterwards!

Here is how we celebrated!


AMRAP 30 secs on 30 sec off
Push Ups
Air Squat
Sit Ups
Squat Jumps
5 rounds of the above with decreasing rest....ending in non stop of each exercise.

We had a full class so we did stations.

1 minute each, 5 rounds

Rest Station
Hollow Body Hold
Renegade Row (no push up)
Box Jump
Lateral Burpee

End with stretching

Great work out...and sadly we all were notified the gym is closing on August 31.  So we only have 2 weeks left of classes.  Everyone was bummed but we still celebrated with smiles.  This is not the end though..we have some plans in the works with my training and all the fans of Brandon will continue.

*side note, after class I had breakfast and came home to run errands.  Went for a quick poop and weighed myself.  220.8lbs.  not bad...I am seemingly keeping the 12 lbs off from the cleanse.  I definitely need to keep my eye on my food but based on weight I am doing OK.  Not great...but OK.  I have not weighed 220 in several years...maybe college?


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