Friday, August 10, 2012

Hanging in there - 2lbs in 3 days


3 days into eating again...and I feel fine!  FOOD REALLY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!

I was planning on doing a week recap but decided to post up today since it is Friday and  I am soooo ready for the weekend.  Did my morning ritual of a poop, shower, face washing, teeth brushing and hair do-ing and then jumped on the scale....


not bad 2 lbs over the last 3 days.  I have really noticed that I am MUCH MORE AWARE of what I eat.  The first day was still pretty much liquid and yesterday I had my first chicken salad with real honest to goodness protein...and I even had some bread too. So yes slowly....get my body and tummy used to "working" again.

I will take some more time when I do a weekly recap but will drop some quick bullets here to think about...what this Fast/Detox has done...

  • Definitely can control HUNGER much better. I know what real hunger feels like.  What you think is not really hungry.
  • Willpower...I dont need to have the chili cheese fries right now...I will have...just not now.
  • small/shrunken tummy = feeling full faster
  • food tastes better and therefore more fulfilling
  • hyper aware of what you are eating...for better or for worst
  • much easier to pick and choose what you eat...especially when you have the mindset that "I am allowed to eat this...just not now."  They all say diets fail because people deprive themselves of their favorite stuff.  The key is to NOT deprive yourself...if you like pizza and ice can have it.  Just not 3xs a week and right before bed.  You need to pick and choose when you are going to have the days where you can.  Very least for me.
last update the right foot is still giving me problems. I can take my meds now so that is good.  I am slowly ramping up dosage to control this arthritis, the swelling has gone done but my little toe area is sore now...I am sitting at my desk with my shoe off elevating and doing calf stretches to help.  UGH!!! 

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Jessica Holloway said...

Hey Irving! congrats on your cleanse. Did your coach tell you/guide you to do this?