Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100 push ups? No problem...WOD 08142012

I got my limpy ass to gym yesterday and had a workout already planned for me.  YAY!  Dontcha just love it when you can expect pain and torture?  So coach had this programmed for punishment for eating fried rice and some rice and french fries etc.  More on that in my next post.  I am going to blog about the week is the workout.

1000M ROW
750M ROW
500M ROW
250M ROW


and just in case anyone reading is Santa Claus or really rich?  I would love one of these in my living room...feel free to get me THIS PLEASE!

these are bad ass...the Concept 2 BLACK rower!  SICK!  I have really started to love rowing. I also think I am rowing much much better.  My technique has gotten better and I would love to take a seminar on better rowing.  Anyways...
I completed the above in 33:05

So not horrible...truth be told my push ups GOT UGLY REAL FAST.  Like REAL FAST.  If this was a competition I would of not finished as I am positive my push ups were all NO REP.  But I did perfect the "dying seal, belly flop" push up.  I will be holding seminars on how to do that at a gym near you soon.

Anyways..the saving grace was really my rowing. I can FEEL my improvement in rowing. I have found a good setting where I get a good strong pull and my legs are 100x more engaged in the row etc.  That really helped me keep this WOD around 30 mins.  If I did this before the row would of slowed me down greatly.

I am pleased...and best of all my coach as actually pleased.  I got a "good" text from him...which trust me dear readers...I NEVER GET.  I repeat yeah good workout.

Looking forward to doing some strength work tonight...because Wednesday nights are TECHNIQUE nights....go big go hard and add some weight to that bar!!!!

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