Thursday, August 30, 2012

Internet Famous

my good friend and contact over at the NY Fitness Examiner posted a Q&A on yours truly.  Kinda embarrassing but she felt my blog was inspirational so.....she sent me some questions and I answered!


For all those that already my blog..all 8 of you...thank you so much for the support and keep reading please!

Push Jerk - new PR!!!!

Last night was my "technique day" over at my coach's garage.

I got there early so I rowed a 2K to warm up.  The space was warm already so it was nice to get loose and ready for some lifting.  I did the 2k a lot slower because my feet were slipping out of the straps.  SUCKS. I was doing very well.  Finished in 8:55 which again is slow.

So I worked on the PUSH JERK.  Now my goal is still to get 200lbs over my I am slowly working on it.

examples of the PUSH JERK

Last night I reached a new PR or Personal Record!  My previous was 165lbs.  Last night...

180lbs x 2

soooooo happy!  200 is close...last night I felt good.  I felt strong.  I cannot wait to hit my goal lift.

I need to continue to practice my clean and snatch as well....soon, very soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Terry Crews' 24's Circuit Training Workout For "The Expendables"

Terry Crews' 24's Circuit Training Workout For "The Expendables"

Neera Cleanse - A month later

It has been a month now since I did my fast/master cleanse/Neera cleanse.  I started the fast on Aug 3 and finished on the 8th.  Today is a I a huge fat mess?  Well...not really.

Just to recap...I started the fast at 232lbs. I finished at 220lbs. A total of 12 lbs lost.

I have been keeping a calendar of my weight. I used a "reference" time to take my weight during the fast so I tried to keep it that way. I basically weighed myself every morning, after I pooped, showered and brushed my teeth.  Here are my records....from the beginning:

8/3 - 232lbs
8/4 - 228lbs
8/5 - 226lbs
8/6 - 223lbs
8/7 - 221lbs
8/8 - 220lbs

Rest of month.....
8/10 - 222lbs
8/14 - 223lbs
8/15 - 221.8lbs
8/18 - 221 am/ 220.8 pm (weighed in the morning for reference then weighed again in evening)
8/19 - 220.8 lbs
8/20 - 226lbs  pm weigh in - after a work trip to SF where I ate A LOT...I ate too much...gross!
8/21 - 222.6lbs
8/22 - 223.8lbs pm
8/23 - 224.6lbs pm
8/24 - 221.8lbs
8/25 - 221lbs
8/27 - 222.6lbs
8/28 - 226.2lbs pm
8/29 - 223lbs

So in one month, I have been able to maintain my weight loss to just 3lbs over my cleanse weight not bad.  I have definitely not ate great and had some bad cheat days.  Rice and French Fries here and there. But no soda and nothing too bad.  Not great but not too bad.

I really hope to stay at this weight....around 220-225.  My workouts have been tougher, I have lost some strength for sure.  I hope to get it back when I begin training hard again.  We shall see how that goes.

As I go into September...I am going to try a couple of things.

I am going to do some Herbalife supplements, I am going to try some Bikram or HOT YOGA and I am going to experiment with some INTERMITTENT FASTING.  I have been reading this FREE EBOOK
and I am going to do the weekly fast. I think that will work with my lifestyle the best.

Herbalife - I am going to be taking their AM/PM 21 day cleanse of course this is not a true cleanse...but it does have herbs that will help digestion and poop function.  I am going to try this for the month and see how it goes.  I will also be drinking a nice glass of water every morning of this ALOE.  Basically all of this is the help your digestion and help you eliminate waste.  Not bad for you and it is all natural herbs.

BIKRAM - I have done regular yoga before.  But never the HOT yoga.  My GF swears by it and I can see it being good for my arthritis and my joints and tight muscles which is a cause of my pain.  So I am going to take some classes with my girl and do it together!  That should help motivate and bring us closer!  So win win!

INTERMITTENT FASTING - I have decided that I will simply not eat once a week.  I have chosen a MONDAY.  Every Monday in September (after labor day) I will simply not eat.  Drink water and tea etc...nothing else. Monday works for me as I train on the weekends and eat the most then, so Monday is my rest and I can easily not eat.  I figure after my family dinner on Sunday night say 9PM I will not eat again until Monday 9PM.  That's it...very simple.  This technique is something you need to research.  Do not just you can GAIN WEIGHT.  the body goes into starvation you need to have already fasted or have been eating very clean.  So read up on it before you try it.  I cant get into read read read before trying this stuff!

Let's see how it goes as we end summer and move into fall!  I will of course update the blog as usual and let you know what is going on!

Kickboxing revisited - Debbie and Stephen

I guess I need to blog about my gym is closing down. Literally shutting the doors.  The last day is August 31 which is this Friday. So what did I do this week?  Try to support some of my favorite instructors and attend their classes.

SUNDAY - 8/26
I went in and did some backsquats.  I went light:
95lbs x 10 - 2 sets
135lbs x 10
195lbs x 5
225lbs x 1
245lbs x 1
255lbs x 1

Oly Bar curls - 65lbs x 10 - 2 sets
*this is the first time I did arm curls in probably a year...crazy!

I did some more stuff but cannot remember and I dont have my notebook with me...sorry!

1 hour kickboxing with Debbie Champion

TUESDAY - 8/28
Went in and used my "fat gripz" for bench press
135lbs x 10 -  2 sets
195lbs x 10
225lbs x 3 - 2 sets

Incline "fat grips"
135lbs x 10 then 5

1 hour kickboxing with Stephen "The Fight Professor" Quadros.

This is who I think I am...

but I probably look more like this...

I plan on going in on Friday for the literal LAST WORK OUT....530PM.  Let's see how that goes!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday WOD - 08182012

YAY!  Happy Birthday Coach Brandon!!

Yes, today is Brandon's we had a nice full class and even a fruity healthy treat afterwards!

Here is how we celebrated!


AMRAP 30 secs on 30 sec off
Push Ups
Air Squat
Sit Ups
Squat Jumps
5 rounds of the above with decreasing rest....ending in non stop of each exercise.

We had a full class so we did stations.

1 minute each, 5 rounds

Rest Station
Hollow Body Hold
Renegade Row (no push up)
Box Jump
Lateral Burpee

End with stretching

Great work out...and sadly we all were notified the gym is closing on August 31.  So we only have 2 weeks left of classes.  Everyone was bummed but we still celebrated with smiles.  This is not the end though..we have some plans in the works with my training and all the fans of Brandon will continue.

*side note, after class I had breakfast and came home to run errands.  Went for a quick poop and weighed myself.  220.8lbs.  not bad...I am seemingly keeping the 12 lbs off from the cleanse.  I definitely need to keep my eye on my food but based on weight I am doing OK.  Not great...but OK.  I have not weighed 220 in several years...maybe college?


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neera Cleanse - The Week After....

Today is Wednesday 08152012...exactly one week since my cleanse/fast/detox.

How am I doing?  Let's say not too least in my own eyes.  This morning's weigh in...

221.8 lbs

that is about 11lbs, still from the original 12 I lost.  Throughout this week my weight has gone as high as 225.  So I am within range, I hope to keep 5-8lbs off permanently.  I plan on doing this would BETTER food choices, portion control and the relatively new concept known as Intermittent Fasting. I wont go into that as it would take google it and read about for yourself.  But basically it is a selective fast...where you take the optimum time to NOT eat and keep your body in a fat burning/efficient state as well as continue to detox and release crap from your system.  Again, I am still reading about it...but so far since I have fasted for 5 days, it is easier for me to go 8-12 hours without eating.  I have always seemed to function quite well in the morning's with no breakfast no coffee nothing.  Just get to work...and have my first meal at lunch.  That used to be thought of as soooo bad for you. It can be...for sure if you do that and gorge yourself at lunch and dinner.  But after a fast it is much easier to skip meals.  At least for far. key learnings and downfalls thus far...

 - I ate bad. what...I suck as a human.  I made some SPAM fried rice with zucchini and eggs and sweet corn and it was GREAT!

- I suck even more...I had my first legit meal after the cleanse at a Peruvian spot in Eagle Rock I love.  I had their 1/4 Chicken plate with rice and french fries....SIN!  I could I?  SO HORRIBLE!  BUT IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!

- I am still hyper aware of what I am eating for good or bad....

- I still get full faster and with less food thus eating less overall

- I can now fast or go without eating much longer and not 'crash'

- had a great workout last night and plan on getting back to my training ASAP and see how I do 10lbs lighter across all of the movements.

I know some of you hate the poop talk but I have to say...the fast does help your body poop better and more "crap" from your body.  As I stated in previous posts, I have always been a very regular guy.  Never had any problems and always pooped regularly.  But now I know I am pooping great.  Everything seems to come out and I feel a noticeably lighter feeling and feel the toxins/waste from my body get flushed away.  Weird...maybe it is a placebo thing but I def feel a difference after I poop.  Who knows....

Anyways, I will do a post again in a month.  So on September 8  which is a I may do it Friday or Monday...I will recap a MONTH post cleanse and see if I can keep this weight off.  We shall see.

Last little bit of motivation...pretty much across the board I have been getting huge compliments from everyone I see.  My face and belly have dramatically shrunk and lots of people have noticed.  That is a great motivator...and the clothes def fit better.  I am wearing a Penguin polo shirt at work today that used to be a tad SNUG..I felt a little uncomfortable in it was so SMEDIUM it was just tight on this morning as I am typing this it fits perfect...and looks great.  That makes this all worth it.  Chat again in a month folks!!

100 push ups? No problem...WOD 08142012

I got my limpy ass to gym yesterday and had a workout already planned for me.  YAY!  Dontcha just love it when you can expect pain and torture?  So coach had this programmed for punishment for eating fried rice and some rice and french fries etc.  More on that in my next post.  I am going to blog about the week is the workout.

1000M ROW
750M ROW
500M ROW
250M ROW


and just in case anyone reading is Santa Claus or really rich?  I would love one of these in my living room...feel free to get me THIS PLEASE!

these are bad ass...the Concept 2 BLACK rower!  SICK!  I have really started to love rowing. I also think I am rowing much much better.  My technique has gotten better and I would love to take a seminar on better rowing.  Anyways...
I completed the above in 33:05

So not horrible...truth be told my push ups GOT UGLY REAL FAST.  Like REAL FAST.  If this was a competition I would of not finished as I am positive my push ups were all NO REP.  But I did perfect the "dying seal, belly flop" push up.  I will be holding seminars on how to do that at a gym near you soon.

Anyways..the saving grace was really my rowing. I can FEEL my improvement in rowing. I have found a good setting where I get a good strong pull and my legs are 100x more engaged in the row etc.  That really helped me keep this WOD around 30 mins.  If I did this before the row would of slowed me down greatly.

I am pleased...and best of all my coach as actually pleased.  I got a "good" text from him...which trust me dear readers...I NEVER GET.  I repeat yeah good workout.

Looking forward to doing some strength work tonight...because Wednesday nights are TECHNIQUE nights....go big go hard and add some weight to that bar!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hanging in there - 2lbs in 3 days


3 days into eating again...and I feel fine!  FOOD REALLY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!

I was planning on doing a week recap but decided to post up today since it is Friday and  I am soooo ready for the weekend.  Did my morning ritual of a poop, shower, face washing, teeth brushing and hair do-ing and then jumped on the scale....


not bad 2 lbs over the last 3 days.  I have really noticed that I am MUCH MORE AWARE of what I eat.  The first day was still pretty much liquid and yesterday I had my first chicken salad with real honest to goodness protein...and I even had some bread too. So yes slowly....get my body and tummy used to "working" again.

I will take some more time when I do a weekly recap but will drop some quick bullets here to think about...what this Fast/Detox has done...

  • Definitely can control HUNGER much better. I know what real hunger feels like.  What you think is not really hungry.
  • Willpower...I dont need to have the chili cheese fries right now...I will have...just not now.
  • small/shrunken tummy = feeling full faster
  • food tastes better and therefore more fulfilling
  • hyper aware of what you are eating...for better or for worst
  • much easier to pick and choose what you eat...especially when you have the mindset that "I am allowed to eat this...just not now."  They all say diets fail because people deprive themselves of their favorite stuff.  The key is to NOT deprive yourself...if you like pizza and ice can have it.  Just not 3xs a week and right before bed.  You need to pick and choose when you are going to have the days where you can.  Very least for me.
last update the right foot is still giving me problems. I can take my meds now so that is good.  I am slowly ramping up dosage to control this arthritis, the swelling has gone done but my little toe area is sore now...I am sitting at my desk with my shoe off elevating and doing calf stretches to help.  UGH!!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Neera Cleanse - FINISHED!! Recap

YAY!  I did it...5 days!  This morning I actually had "breakfast!" It was 20oz of 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 water!  It tastes sooooo gooood! hahahaa...

OK after my usual morning poo...which was a tad more "exciting" thanks to that "devil tea" I drank last night, more on that later here is my final weight after the 5 day fast.

220lbs TOTAL OF 12 TWELVE POUNDS!!!!! 

I starting on Friday 8/3 morning at 232lbs....

OK so not too bad.  Here are my thoughts...and I will be repeating myself a little...I basically have 3 take aways from this.....

1 - I still LOVE FOOD.  I said this in a previous read other people's reaction and experience and you here all these proclamations..."oh I cant even look at a hamburger!"  "fried chicken looks so gross!"  "I dont want to put any fat in my stomach now!"  "I feel so clean and green!" blah blah blah...


I swear..give me a chili cheese burger, chili cheese fries and a large orange bang from any greasy burger spot in LA right now and I will DEVOUR IT.  RIGHT NOW.  The whole effect of losing the taste for something was not what I experienced.  Your mileage may vary.  Do I wish I lost some interest in the bad food I love to eat?  Maybe...but man a nice bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or a portos cubano and potato balls would be sooo good right now.  Even some BBQ...woodranch? or lucille's or even my local spot Gus' sounds so yeah..I am still interested in eating good ass food.

BUT....which brings me to #2 key learning

2 - Discipline. I know now I do NOT have to eat that RIGHT NOW.  Just that mental note that YES I CAN HAVE IT...just NOT NOW.  I am definitely going to work on my willpower and discipline moving forward.  It is Monday night, had a long day at is 730PM after an hour drive home...I swear I want THE HAT...but nope. I should not only SAVE MONEY but go home and eat something better for me...and wait until end of week or after a couple gym trips etc...just not now.  I can have it later.  I can wait.  What I learned in these 5 days with food is PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE and to a smaller extent WILLPOWER.  I can chill...and eat bad maybe once a week or once a month.  I will save it to go out with my GF and have an AWESOME meal...with those weeknights....we can have salad or soup or some veggies and a protein something...anything than a heavy burger and fries.

3 - the MENTAL GAME...for some 5 days is nothing. I have a colleague here that did this cleanse for 10 days....HELL NO.  But for was as much a mental challenge as it was a physical one.  I was good...I do give some credit, heck a lot of credit to my foot pain.  Blessing maybe..that all this pain in my Achilles making me limp around for the week really took away from the hunger pangs that maybe I would have had normally?  Who knows...all I know is I was able to make it through the last 5 days keeping my mental focus and "eyes on the prize" thought process.  I am 12 lbs lighter and cleaner because of it.

last a PSA...that damn SMOOTH MOVE tea is the DEVILS TEA! OMG!  Why would any human create this horrible horrible tea!  OMG...I do feel sorry for people that are constipated...I would never wish this on anyone...I drank ONE cup of that tea last night...around 830PM.  I was in the bathroom 3 times since then...remember I have not eaten since Friday!  Talk about a last flush out...I am totally FLUSHED OUT...literally and figuratively.  IT IS GROSS AND HORRIBLE...ugh.  That tea is the devil...if you ever want to hurt someone really bad...and they are tea drinkers...slip some of this crap and it will ruin your enemies day.  Talk about true domestic terrorism....mix this tea into someone's is over.

Overall it was an interesting experience....such a first world problem...ugh.

I will say the whole tastebud thing...and how things 'taste better' is true.  So I am drinking this watered down orange juice...and it tastes just like 100% orange juice.  You know usually, even when you put ice or some water in the juice you can taste it...this morning I am drinking this and I cannot taste any watered down at all.  Weird...I will see how the carrot and orange juice I plan to get will taste later....

I will be making a veggie soup tonight for me and my GF.  I am using Trader Joe, organic, low sodium, gluten free chicken broth as a base.  Going to grab some carrots, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and some broccoli and make me an awesome soup.  Excited about that for sure!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 5 LAST DAY!!!

Today is the last day!  I can finally start eating/drinking something other than that damn lemonade and water. Cannot wait!

Weight check this morning....


yes, that is ELEVEN pounds total lost since Friday (day 1).

Not too bad huh?  I will weigh myself one more time tomorrow AM and see if anything drops off tonight.

As for what I am going to eat tomorrow?  Nothing...I can drink some stuff.  So the discussed with my coach yesterday is this...

first day back I will have some diluted orange juice in the morning. I have to make it 50/50 so it doesnt mess up my stomach.  For lunch I will probably grab some coconut water and for dinner I will have the veggie soup that I blogged about in day 3.

Second day back which would be Thursday I can have more juice in the AM and for lunch I can go ahead and have some salad with a little protein in it.  For dinner same thing light light light...mostly veggies and most likely a salad.  I think I will get my favorite Trader Joe salad the SUPER SPINACH...if you all dont know that salad...go get it.  You will not regret is super yummy and super good for you.

Third day...which is FRIDAY!!!  I can finally eat some more "normal" meals...def keeping it light.  For dinner I am allowed to have a larger amount of protein with veggies...basically for the next week or 2, I need to stay off heavy carbs, no breads or rice (I AM GOING TO DIE).  I can have lean protein and veggies and fruit....and liquid stuff, like veggies/green juices from Whole Foods etc.

Just gotta ease my way into regular food.

As for my foot, it is still hurting me. I actually CANNOT WAIT to be able to take some sort of food in my system just so I can take some medicine.  I need to walk normally and this icing and stretching crap is not helping. I need meds...I need some aleve to get rid of this pain so I can be normal.  Ugh..I swear that has been the WORST part of this damn fast.  I can barely be hungry...when I cannot walk and my foot hurts!  So for better or worst I did this 5 days of NOT EATING and can show at the minimum a 10lbs drop in weight.

More tomorrow...with a full recap.

oh yeah..the morning Poo...same same..all normal and the same.  I may drink some SMOOTH MOVE tea tonight to get a final flushing out...on my last day...but not sure if I am going to do it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 4 Back to Work

Here we are day 4 dear readers and same report. All is well. I am doing just fine.  Definitely feeling more tired and less energy but not as bad as I thought.  Maybe I made too big a deal of it before I started and it is not that bad?

Morning weigh in....drum roll please


for those keeping score it is 9lbs total from Friday.

Morning poop was "normal" again it feels like a blast of gas but no solid waste. Just runny diarrhea and a "cloudy bowl"  same as it has been for the last 2 days.  I am guessing I am NORMAL...since I still poop every morning same as I always do.

I have to say...I think at least 50% of me handling the fast...has to go to my foot pain.  What started as a tingle in my right Achilles on Friday to full blown tendinitis on Saturday...and today where it is noticeably swollen and red and tender to the touch.  I think this damn pain has been a major distraction.  Being unable to walk normally...unable to stand and even sitting down and feeling pain...really helps take away my hunger pangs.  Even as I type this at my desk at foot is throbbing.

Usually, at the first sign of this, I pop my favorite candy aka ALEVE....and I am good to go.  But because of this fast I have to kind of try my best to work through this.  All Sunday, I was icing, and having my dear GF massage my calves and help me rotate my foot to stretch out the tendon.  I went to sleep last night with a heat patch on and plan on icing again when I get home.  This just SUCKS.  Coach says maybe this flare up is part of the detox. As my body is removing and detoxing it is making my arthritis kick in.  Sounds reasonable.  Hoping that after this I will less flare ups.

One thing...I have to say.  Some people have said this fast will help BREAK your mental/emotional addiction to food.  I have to say I do not think it is my experience.  I am simply showing mental strength and planning ahead.  I am literally making a list of things and places I want to go eat as soon as I can make it.  I will say the putting off for a cheat day, where before I would just eat much better.  I know I dont need it NOW.  I know I can have it later...maybe after a good workout or something.  What I have learned and what I taught my body is the immediate satisfaction.  We are sooo spoiled in America and living in LA specifically.  I can literally...literally eat ANYTHING I WANT within 30 mins living in LA.  You want Chinese? Mexican? Ethiopian? Indian? Burgers? Ice Cream? you can get it IMMEDIATELY.   So what this fast has done so far is really helped me push stuff away, knowing I can have it later.  Tim Ferris in his book THE 4 HOUR BODY  that is one of this things. Giving yourself a cheat day.  That way you can do your best 6 days a week and just know that ONE day this week you can have that donut or whatever you crave.  That is my take away so far...I dont need to eat that burger NOW...I can wait and keep it as a treat. But the whole idea of "being grossed out" with bad food or NOT wanted to eat meat and grease after a cleanse has not been my experience.  Here I am at 4 days with no food, and take me to THE HAT and I will devour a pastrami sandwich, large orange bang and wet fries right 9:50AM.  I will eat it now and smile. I said I know I can wait...and I dont have to satisfy my craving can wait, I CAN WAIT.

So my GF lost 6 lbs since Saturday..she is super motivated now.  She was going to only do 3 days as she was feeling weak and was going to 3 days and that is it.  But after her weigh in she is super happy and will go the whole 5 days.  We agreed on a new "lifestyle" when it comes to food.  WE BOTH NEED TO SAVE we have agreed, to TRY...of course these are just outlined goals, there is going to be changes.  But we are going to try our best to COOK AT groceries and simply eat IN. We will allow one meal a week to be "bad."  Maybe we make a pizza or have pasta etc.  One semi cheat meal...nothing too bad but something we can enjoy with no guilt.  Maybe my "famous" Turkey Meatloaf or my GF makes some excellent Huaraches from scratch.  Meals like that...where it we have some wiggle room.  Then we will schedule ONE OUTSIDE MEAL...a restaurant that we will pick out and go to and ENJOY.  NO GUILT and order DESSERT and everything.  We already have a few places on our list.  Only going out to eat ONCE a month...will be our ultimate cheat meal.  That is the plan anyway....

Sorry this post was so long...but I just wanted to share everything that is going through my mind at this moment.  Sitting here as my foot is throbbing. I just want to go home and ice and watch TV and drink my damn NEERA LEMONADE....which now that I have "perfected" my recipe tastes OK.  I am sipping it now!

OK more day.

ps. On Wednesday I can eat again...see once a fatty always a fatty.  I know exactly what I am going to get for dinner.  An old friend's family owns this Thai restaurant in Eagle Rock, Classic Thai and they have to best "house soup."  It is flavorful and you can have it with tofu, or veggie or combo with shrimp and little chicken wontons.  A bowl of that sounds deeelish and is perfect for my "first meal!"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 3

Good Morning folks!

Another night and morning of this fast/cleanse and all is well. Same as before I definitely feel "empty" but my hunger is appeased by this drink. I finally made a batch that was "good." The first 2 I just put too much pepper.  So for anyone making this...please chill out on the cayenne pepper.  You may think you can handle it or you need more but trust me a tiny bit goes a long way. I know now how much to put in where the drink is actually pretty good.  I am going to use limes for the next batch for a change.

This morning's poop was again pretty liquid. Best way to describe is "loose" just a "cloudy" bowl is the best way to describe it.  You feel the pangs of having to go but then you sit down and it seems like just gas/air comes out of you.  Very weird.  After my poop I weighed myself again..


another 2 pounds from yesterday, a total of 6 pounds since Friday.

So far I can my experience has not been too harsh, maybe I built it up in my head.  Sure I am tempted, I am making a mental list of where I want to eat when I can....but so far I can pass by food, watch food network and I am OK. The drink does work as an appetite suppressant.  I drink water and when I feel hungry I drink the stuff and no longer feel hungry. I am not struggling as much as I thought I would or expected I would.  A true test will be this afternoon.  I am going to celebrate my best friend's son's bday.  He is turning 6.  They are throwing a BBQ and I cannot eat anything...ugh.  We shall see how this afternoon goes....  My GF has survived day 1. She did this cleanse before and she has had a harder time of it.  I guess GIRLS are def more emotional, she always got cranky when she was this is a good refresh for her to chill out and relax and not let this hunger pangs dictate her emotions.

FOOT PAIN - so as of yesterday's post, my right Achilles has been giving me pain.  It is inflamed, a little swollen and tender to the touch. It was PAINFUL...and last night I could not l sleep.  I awoke at 430AM and could not walk, the pain was unbearable, it hurt to move my foot under the covers.  So I made an executive decision and took ONE Aleve pill and lots of water.  I usually take 3-4 Aleves for my pains, I take them like tic tacs, but I know my stomach is empty so I only took one and hoped for the best.  This morning the pain is still there but A LOT BETTER.  I am going to ice it and massage my calf later today. Maybe before I head to the party, but definitely when I get back.  That one pill helped so much...I can at least walk now.  I hope it gets better by this evening, as I have to go to work tomorrow and will need to be MOBILE!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Neera Cleanse - Day 2 actually this post is about day 1 PM and day 2 AM.

I will have to say initial impressions are the lemonade concoction does work to suppress appetite. I felt "empty" but not hungry if that makes sense.  The pepper and lemon I think really acts to take away hunger. I got home drank some more of the stuff and went to sleep just fine, no pains no hunger, it was OK.  My GF came over and decided she wanted to do this cleanse with me.  She is starting today.  I made another batch to share with her and we shall see how we do this together.

This morning I got to sleep in!!!  I woke at around 730AM went and took a loooooong pee. Like crazy Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own type pee. I think I peed for like 2 mins straight or longer it was pretty weird.  All yellow which is a good thing.  I kinda felt like I was gassy and wanted to fart...but then it felt like it was a poop. So I went to poop. It was def gassy and loose.  Not diarrhea per se but just loose, as expected as I have not eaten for a day. I am also for being so graphic, but if you are following along I am guessing you are considering it or have done this cleanse so this is not new to you and I want to be honest all the way.  After my poop I jumped on the scale...


 that is a total of 4 pounds lost from yesterday....I was at 232 same time yesterday.

I went back to sleep to enjoy my day off..and woke up again at 1015am and starting blogging.  I had to miss class this morning, no working out as I cannot use all my energy from training, I am allowed to do light walks etc but no exercise for the duration.

I am not hungry this morning. I am not sure if it is the fast or just my normal routine as I am hardly ever hungry in the AM. I can wake up go to work and not eat until mid morning or lunch pretty easily.  I will def know more tomorrow AM.  But as of this blog post I am feeling rested and not hungry at all.

side note...people who know me, know I have bad foot pain. I just have bad feet. Arthritis in both of my flat feet.  Being heavy doesnt help either.  So I get pain in one of 3 spots.  My Achilles heel, my heel spur or the top of my feet. These pains happen whenever and switch feet.  It is totally random.  Usually I take an Aleve and its all good.  My right achilles heel starting to hurt yesterday. I got home iced it and have been painfully stretching it all night and morning.  I hope it goes I cannot take any meds right now....ugh.  Let's hope for the best...I can walk and stuff just not very well.  Maybe after I lose some more weight this issue will go away? 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Crossfit Exercise Porn



It is 12:00PM on a Friday.  I am taking the first step in the NEERA CLEANSE.  Here is some more info from the official site...

You all may know this as the "Beyonce" diet or the "Master Cleanse."  It is the same thing except this is the updated version...the 2.0 master cleanse if you will.  Why?  It is all about the syrup.

Madal Bal Syrup

So this $50 supposed to be the BEST..the most "optimized" for this cleanse.  But is the same thing you have all heard about or some of you have even tried.

5 days...NO SOLID FOOD.  Only DRINK THIS LEMONADE and water or light teas.  No caffeine, no nothing.

I have been advised to NOT exercise, I can do light walking etc, but during the 5 day I need to chill and let my body release all the crap inside and focus on digestion etc.

I started the morning off per usual with a poop and shower, brushed my teeth..and weighed myself.  I am going to weight myself every day during the cleanse..this morning..I am:


So why am I doing this?  I would think if ANY OF YOU KNOW ME...let's just say I can stand to skip a few meals right? Let's be honest....

I have been doing VERY WELL in my exercise and progressing on my weight loss. I have been VERY happy, but some have mentioned that maybe I need a kick in the butt to drop some more pounds and therefore improve in the rest of my athletic goals.  I have been dabbling in Crossfit and mixed training now for a little over a year. I do not subscribe to all of the crossfit stuff but I do enjoy the workouts and I LOVE the improvements I have seen. The movements that I was unable to do let alone know what they were,  I can do now.  Also do to Crossfit, I have been exposed more to Olympic Weight Lifting.  Yes I am keeping up with the Olympics alot...GO CHINA!  So for me to be a better crossfitter and lifter, I need to lose some more fat so I can be stronger and more efficient in moving weight.  I have 2 small-ish goals this year...

SNATCH a legit 135lbs easily and clean.
PRESS 200+lbs over my head.

So with those goals...dropping a few pounds would be nice as well.

I have spoken to a few people about this fast and have learned alot.  I have heard about the breaking the addiction to food and how great your skin and body feels etc etc.  Who knows...I just know I want me some Pastrami from the Hat or an In n Out double double.

Truthfully it is 1:03PM and I am not hungry. I could eat...but I am not as hungry as I thought I would be.  I am going to try and blog as much as I can as I go through this.  I hear day 1 and 2 are the worst and everything gets much easier in day 3-5.  We shall see...wish me luck and let's see how this goes!

oh yeah..I put too much pepper in this first batch..UGH!  It is spicy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last 3 WODs - I have been lagging!

Dear readers..all 8 of you.  I have been lagging on logging in the workouts.  So here I am playing catch up from last weekend!

SATURDAY 07282012
Line Drills -squat, lunges, side walks

5 Rounds of the below
3 x squat
3 x tuck jumps
3 x squat
3 x squat jumps

WOD (25lbs dumbbells)
8 count push up
10 x each arm of renegade rows
8 x each arm of lunge presses
5 rounds of the above

Resistance sprints
Plate push
Hurdle jumps
1 min each x 3 rounds

Cool down, stretching....DONE!

SUNDAY 07292012
750m Row 3;08

95lbs x 10
135 x 5
165 x 5
195 x 5
215 x 5
255 x 5

10 x 30lb slam balls
10 x burpees
3 rounds of the above

2 min plank hold (any variation and can be broken)
*completed unbroken*
1 min pull up hold (broken)


TUESDAY 07312012
1k Row - 4:12

Crossfit HQ WOD for 07302012
3 Rounds for Time
135lbs hang cleans x 15
Burpees x 15

here is the demo video from CFHQ

time cap of 8 for me....FAIL.  Finished workout at 12:17

1st - Unbroken cleans, 5/5/5 burpees
2nd - 5/5/5 cleans, 5/5/5 burpees
3rd - 3/5/5/2 cleans, 5/10 burpees

No bueno on the above.  Was unable to complete workout in the time cap.  Pretty sad.