Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 07212012 WOD

I arrived in class about 15 min early so I was able to stretch out and get a good warm up in my legs.

Coach got to class a little late so even more time to stretch etc.  Here is what we did!

stretch, run/walk, lunges
line drills frankenstein walk, inch worm etc.

Finish the below...on your own 10 min time cap
25 x burpees
25 x push ups
50 x squats
25 x sit ups
25 x "cobra/supermans" - did not finish
25 x tuck jumps - NA

can do the above in any order any way you want, break it down however you want.  Free for all, just finish the required and RXed numbers


3 x push press
3 x front squats
3 x thruster
10 x hollow body crunches

Above equals ONE 5 reps for 4 sets.

Tabatha Squats
20 sec on
10 sec off - resting at bottom of squat
6 rounds


I added some rumble rolling on quads, hams and calves.

I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow! YAY!

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