Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday 07/14/2012 WOD

After rehabbing my knee/leg for the last week, I was able to get in a decent workout.  Not great as I was not at 100%, but I tried my best.  Here is what we did:

Run/Jump Rope/stretch
Line Drills - Spiderman lunges, inch worm, stretches

Dumbells - 30lb each
Push Press x 12
Dumbbell swings x 15
Renegade Row x 12 (6 each arm)
Swim kicks
5 rounds of the above

*I did not get through this.  I was able to knock out the push press, most of the swings and a few rows. I honestly probably only got about 70% through the workout.

5 Minute Burner
7 thrusters 30lb db each
7 burpees
at full speed



All in all a great day!

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